Friday, December 7, 2012

We are the champions...again!

Off The Bench ran into a great opponent last night in the competitive league championship. If we played that team 10 times, we'd probably win 2 or 3. They won the prior game 20-7 over an UNDEFEATED team! The team captain whose team had lost said "Score 10 runs and you will win."

We were smaller but not intimidated.

We were up 2-0 and then 4-2 despite the fact they'd loaded the bases with no one out but we still managed to keep them scoreless with some great defense that inning. You got a feeling this team was ready to blow us out and you'd be right. Thanks to their hulking cleanup hitter hitting two 2-run homers that combined for a distance to Smyrna, we were tied 4-4 in the 5th. Then they scored 5 runs in the top half of the inning and we were shut out in the bottom half. 9-4 after 5.

We finally held them scoreless in the 6th and got 2 back of our own. Again we held them scoreless in the 7th and we came up for our final at-bat. We started with an out and then Sara Kate got on as our opponents made a rare error. I followed with a hit. Soon after there were 2 outs. We were down to our final hitter. Ira was also the tying run. Ira singled and Sara Kate scored. It was 9-7. I remembered the team captain before saying "Score 10 runs and you'll win."

Next Josh came up and lined one to the OF. I came in to score and as I turned around I heard those famous footsteps I'd heard for decades. Ira slid in. It was as if we were replaying Sid's slide from 1992. It was close but he was safe as Ira reiterated several times at Hudson who does not serve food or drinks but that's another story for another day.

The game was tied 9-9!

Kelly followed with a huge walk completing her perfect night. It was up to Brandon with Josh at second and 2 outs. BJ lined a foul ball that just missed the line. 2 strikes, 2 outs. Line drive past second. Josh rounded third, crossed the plate and scored the winning run.

Fall competitive league champs again!!!!

Our only 2 championship have occurred in the Fall. It might be time to rename the team "The Fall Guys!"



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