Wednesday, May 20, 2015


So it's been a crazy few weeks for me and my family.

My company was officially sold today and therefore I am bidding farewell and focusing more on health, family and a passion project (that I'm still figuring out). The company was in the process of being sold for some time so leaving DiversiTech was not an overnight decision for me. It was great to sell the company and have a lot of people prosper from the sale. It was also a relief to sell to a company that was going to keep most of our organization in tact.

Leaving my job is difficult. I've already informed my co-workers and suppliers. I even informed my personal trainer that my days at the fitness center are numbered as it is too far from my house. She looked as sad as I look each time she tells me to do 20 burpies.

If anyone wants to reach me, you can still do so at or

I want to continue speaking as a profession. I'm already in touch with a few people as to how to take my speaking to new levels. I remember the final episode of Mary Tyler Moore when Mary and her co-workers are extremely emotional as they leave for the final time. I think I'll leave with those same feelings. The last thing I'll take from my office is the name tag that has stuck to my door for the last 18 years.

Mary, I get it.

CF patients rarely have the strength nor the employer support to be able to keep a full-time job. I've been fortunate to have an understanding team and the ability to work at my company for nearly 18 years. I'm going to miss DiversiTech. When I arrived, we weren't a very big company but as I leave we have been a Top 100 private company in Atlanta for more than 5 years running. Doing treatments prior to work, at lunch and as I departed each day just became too much for me to handle. My last day will be this Friday May 22nd.

In other news, the FDA Advisory Council recommended approval for another great CF drug Orkambi from Vertex Pharmaceuticals. It doesn't yet affect my genotype but we are headed in the right direction as it affects 50% of CF patients. There are lots of cool studies going on. Too many to mention here but we seem to be getting ever-closer to a cure for this dreaded disease.

More great news for the CF Community

The girls' softball team I coached made it all the way to the finals. I was so proud of my Ducks specifically number 9 on my team. That's Avery. She came in with no softball experience and a fear of the ball. She leaves as a top outfielder and a 5-for-5 hitting performance between the semifinal and championship game.

Quack! Quack!

My son made the All-Star team. I'm so excited for Ethan. We've been spending everyday lately at the fields. In fact, Saturday I had the wrong time and we arrived 2 hours early and we ended up warming up for half that time. The kid can't get enough of baseball. Or basketball. Or football. I wonder how he became a sports junkie. Yeah, I know.

Play ball!

Andrea is doing great. She's been very supportive during this period of change. She has done an amazing job orchestrating a new home project. A pool!!! It should be ready before the summer. We can't wait!

It's coming along swimmingly.

I'm dealing with some anxiety wondering how my life will change with so many things up in the air, but over the years I've learned how to cope with these sorts of changes. Overall, this is a very positive change. I guess part of me feels like having a fulltime job was another way I was beating cystic fibrosis. I felt that same defiance by having children, being able to exercise daily and by living past my 40th birthday. I will find other ways to defy it though.

My change in lifestyle won't affect my goal to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis.

Just a few more days till I bid farewell to one stage of my life...

or should I say just a few more days until I begin a new one.

Live your dreams and love your life.