Saturday, May 28, 2011

The goings on in May

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since my last entry. There have been lots of things going on. I played the week after I badly bruised my wrist and over a double-header I hit for the cycle (single, double, triple, homerun).

Andrea and I took a wonderful trip to the North Carolina mountains. It was a blast! We got to spend some quality time together while spending some time in a quaint Bed and Breakfast. I believe I mentioned this in the last blog but it was a big highlight this spring.

Andrea and I took the kids to Disney. It was exhausting but it was worth it to see the kids' reaction when they got to meet Mickey and the princesses. My parents came too and were very helpful. Ethan still won't wash his cheek since Snow White kissed it and Avery won't stop talking about the princesses.

I've been busy finding interested parties in my book, The Drive at 35. I've linked in with several parties who have an interest in raising money for cystic fibrosis. My publisher is working on the first draft now.

Avery graduated this past Friday. I still remember walking her in to her first day of preschool. She has grown up so much. I am so very proud of her.

I had lunch with Andrea Sneiderman. We had a really nice time. We both got to talk and I got to tell her a few of things I want to do in Rusty's memory and she was all for it. Beginning this year, our Wish Sponsorship program will be renamed the Russell J. Sneiderman Sponsorship Program. Speaking of Rusty (whose picture I attached because I miss him), I'm sick of reading about the trial in the news. I wish the media would give my friend a break. Isn't it enough that she lost her husband and the father of her children? Let her live her life the best that she can.

We celebrated a big milestone birthday for my father the other day. We surprised him. It was awesome. I'm really proud of my father. He has done so much for the community with little fanfare as has my mom. I'm very lucky to have the people I do in my life...Andrea, Emily, Avery, Ethan, my parents, my other family members and my friends. I might have been unlucky to have CF but I definitely hit the jackpot with my friends.

Speaking of jackpots, Avery, Ethan and I went to Malibu Grand Prix the other day and played mini-golf and played at the arcade. I won 100 tickets on one spin for the jackpot win and I was so excited. "Pretty good, huh Avery," I said. Avery of course had to outdo me. She won 550 TICKETS on one spin herself and won the big jackpot for all of Malibu. She was jumping up and down. "I won the jackpot! I won the jackpot!" I got home to hear her tell her mommy "Mommy I won 550 tickets and daddy only won a hundred." Maybe I've made her a bit too competitive.

My high school reunion is in a month. I'm looking forward to it. It will be fun to see a lot of my old friends and see how they've changed. I'm a little nervous about walking in but I'll gradually get more comfortable.

We start working on Wish for Wendy next month so if you're interested in helping, please let me know.

That's all I have today. I wish everyone the best.