Monday, December 3, 2012

Another tough defeat

As a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons,
I have endured more difficult losses than the average fan. Saturday's loss to Alabama was pretty excruciating. It could only be topped by the Braves game 7 loss to the Twins in '91. I'm just glad I wasn't at the game. Georgia's final play got to the 5 yard line before time ran out. I was so down after the game. My daughter said, "Dad, it's just a football game." Instead of agreeing and saying I'm being immature, I stated, "Is your American Girl Doll just a doll?" She said "No." As if copying the old guy from Coming to America who points out he didn't get a spoon for his soup, I said "Ah-cha!"

I was glad at least the kids got to watch it with me though their attention was not as much on the game. I will have to say I was proud of the Dawgs for giving it their all. I just wish one time my team could come out on top. I still have one team left this year and that's my 11-1 Falcons. I'm hoping Matt Ryan can get us to the Super Bowl.

Hey, and my softball team is in the quarterfinals tonight as we try to keep our undefeated season alive so technically I have 2 teams left.

I hope that everyone is well.


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