Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 10 Things I've learned in 2012

10. Atlanta sports fans have had enough of the criticism.

I guess it started when we couldn't sell out playoff games years ago but the national media has constantly berated Atlanta fans. We finally showed our disgust during the "infield fly" call in October by throwing water bottles all over the field (a game we sold out by the way).

9. The heartbreaking sports curse won't seem to end.

The Al Horford missed free throw and the bad call against the Hawks to end the Celtics series, the infield fly call against the Braves and the oops I caught the ball play to end Georgia's hope for an SEC title and a chance to play for the national title. I wonder how the Falcons season will end. At least the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg.

8. America has a gun problem.

I don't know how to solve it but it scares me for my children. The acts in Aurora, Newtown and Chicago (amongst others) also tells me we have a lot to learn about mental illness.

7. Be careful what you say.

Dan Cathy alienated millions by his gay rights statement. The kid from Two and a Half Men told people not to watch his show as he believes it's not a godly show. The guy is getting paid millions so it makes no sense. What is it about that show? First, Charlie Sheen and now this guy.

6. Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style have been played more than Hugh Hefner gets played by marrying a Playmate.

5. Men's tennis has 4 of the greatest players of all time playing each other. Murray, Djokovic, Federer and Nadal would dominate in almost any other era. I just wish American tennis would make a comeback. Thank you to Andy Roddick. You were a pleasure to watch.

4. Scramble with Friends is very addictive! Look me up at AndyLipman1. Expect to win and to get a nudge if you take more than 24 hours between games.

3. When playing games at an amusement park, think about how much room you have in your car before going for the big prize (see picture attached).

2. Reality TV has jumped the shark. My top 10 awful reality shows are: the X-Factor, anything starring Howie Mandel, anything with a Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo, any American reality show with a British host, Hoarders, anything with Katie Couric, the WNBA, Teen Mom (really?) and Storage Wars (now that we know it is fake). If only the Walking Dead was reality TV and they could eat the Kardashians. A man can dream!

1. I've learned not to take everything at face value. See Facebook going public, the world ending last week and some of the things you read in the media.

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