Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OTB going for the title on Thursday

Off the Bench seeks its 2nd Club Sport Championship on Thursday. We won the title last fall and are now one win away from another fall championship. Last season we got to the finals of the recreational league because we weren't good enough to be in the competitive tournament. This year we are undefeated and in the competitive championship.

I'm looking forward to Thursday as it will be our final softball game of 2012.

This season has been a solid one for me. I have hit 2 inside the park homeruns this season which is more than I've hit the last 5 years combined. I've been doing a lot of sprinting on the treadmill so it's certainly helping.

I've been dealing with some minor bacterial issues in my lungs but hopefully will get a relatively clean bill of health from my doctor on Friday.

Wish us luck on Thursday.


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