Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meds, meds and more meds!

Hey everyone,

So it's been a crazy week medication-wise. Last week, I woke up and I could literally not hear out of one ear. That's the same thing that happened two months ago. This time I did some research though on side effects of all of my medications and read that ringing of the ears and loss of hearing was a side effect of TOBI. I called my doctor and she had me go off of it right away. Next I had the doctor at the Urgent Care center clean out my ears with boiling water. That's fun for those of you who have not tried it. At least, I can hear again. Then I got a prescription of antibiotics and ear drops to take 3 to 4 times a day. Two days prior, I was at the physical therapist as I think I have an ulner nerve issue. Basically it's like tennis elbow and it's on my right arm. I'm also having slight swelling in my knee and pain in my left shoulder. My therapist and I have concluded it happened when I fell around New Years running with my kids. I actually think it's because I'm almost 40. Ha Ha!

Anyway, I'm now only working out with my left arm and I'm trying to learn how to do one-armed pull-ups. I also have started Cayston today which was kind of stressful. I had to watch a 15 minute video twice to figure out everything. Andrea assisted me thank goodness. I have to take Cayston three times a day for 28 days. That means I'll be taking it to work with me. I also have to clean the new aerosol machine and nebulizer three times a day and mix the medication to get it just right. Anyone who has seen my car knows that cleaning "anything" is a stretch for me. Anyway, I packed a backpack this morning with my new medical device, the nebulizer it comes with, cleaning supplies, an inhaler with a medication, the frozen meds it comes with and a Purell spray bottle. I took my first dose this morning so I'm also making sure I don't suffer any side effects. My lack of humor sadly is normal and not caused by the drug.

So I'm literally exhausted. I have included a picture of the meds I took...for JUST THIS MORNING ALONE. I'm overwhelmed with all of the new stuff I'm taking. I'm also working a full-time job (a bit unusual for someone with CF), a board member on several boards which I'm very committed to, as well as my son's Tee ball coach. Most importantly, I'm Andrea's husband and Ethan and Avery's dad and that, along with my health, remains a top priority.

I have a few speeches coming up. I have a school speech at Tritt Elementary in late March and now I'm scheduled to speak in Orange County, California in late May.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well.

Live your dreams and love your life.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm in the Little Leagues now!

Well, I offered to be a coach in Ethan's tee ball league and lo and behold I'm the head coach of Ethan's team. We had the draft Tuesday night.

I've only drafted fantasy league and not 4 and 5 year old kids so this was interesting. So that leads me to today's Top
10 list.

Here are the top 10 things you might overhear between a commissioner and a coach at a little league draft.

10. Has this kid been tested for Flintstone Vitamins?

9. Commissioner: This kid was out most of last season.

Coach: "Why? Tommy John surgery? ACL tear?"

Commissioner: No, he had too much homework.

8. The kid is a Big League Chew addict.

7. The kid has been juicing - Hi-C mostly.

6. I want a birth certificate on this kid. He looks 7.

5. Nobody puts baby "on the hot corner."

4. Commissioner: This kid doesn't give autographs.

Coach: Why? Is he not nice to his fans?

Commissioner: No, he just can't sign his name in cursive yet.

3. Commissioner: This kid is a 5-tool player.

Coach: You mean he can hit for power, hit for average, steal bases, play a great outfield and has a great arm?

Commissioner: No, I mean he's not wearing a diaper anymore, can run without falling, knows which base to run to, knows to hold the bat near the knob and not the barrel and he doesn't cry for mommy during games.

2. Commissioner: Draft this kid!

Coach: Why? Can he hit? Can he catch? Can he throw?

Commissioner: No, his mom always volunteers to be a team mom.

1. And finally, the number one thing you might hear at a Tee ball draft:

Commissioner: This kid really wants to be a Ranger.

Coach: I'm coach of the Rangers and we just drafted him.

Commissioner: Not those Rangers. The Power Rangers.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

To Andrea, thank you for making my life better and for giving me two wonderful children. I love you with all of my heart.

A special Valentine's Day wish to the other important women in my family especially my sister Emily, my mom and my Nana Rose. Thank you for being such an important part of my life.

To my daughter, Avery, I love you and am so proud of the young lady that you are becoming.

To my son, Ethan, Happy V-Day, big man!



Friday, February 1, 2013

Never be afraid to fail

Never Be Afraid to Fail

Never be afraid to fail,
Making the attempt is the key.
Failure may well determine
Success for you or me.

Have you ever heard these words?
"I don't want to take a chance."
People who find success,
Don't usually take that stance.

Success is a result
Of failures a plenty.
With every trophy earned
Losses, there are many.

In order to succeed,
Attitude is a must.
Dreams don't come true
Without a little trust.

For athletes to win a ring,
They first must come in last.
For politicians to gain office,
Defeats must fill their past.

Heroes were average Joe's
Before they were ever hailed.
Movie stars who won Oscars,
At one time must have failed.

There are options when you fail,
Get back up or quit.
The answer should be simple,
It's time to show some grit.

Though no one often brags,
About unsuccessful trials.
It's good to keep in mind,
The long journey and its miles.

Practice makes perfect,
We've heard it all before.
We each need to be rejected
So hearing "yes" means more.

Those who don't take risks,
Success is not their friend.
Breathing defines living,
Not a good message to send.

FAIL is a 4-letter word,
But not one that is bad.
In order to achieve happiness,
We must first have been sad.

All of us want to win,
Success is therefore yearned.
What we take from failure
Is an important lesson learned.

Failure is a good experience,
And that is the reason why...
The only real way to fail
Is when we refuse to try.

By: Andy Lipman...a failure many times more times than a success - and proud of all of the journeys!

Dallas and a new baseball player in the family

I had a great trip to Dallas this past week. I saw my old friends Stephanie and her husband Steven and Craig (my fraternity brother) and his wife Jessica. It was wonderful to see them. I also stayed in the new Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas. It was beautiful. I have enclosed a picture of the electric mirror (A TV in the mirror of the bathroom). Pretty cool, right?

I had a lot of success finding great suppliers and meeting old friends at the show. I did meet one new friend. Check it out!

Finally, Ethan's first baseball tryout is this Saturday. Last night, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and closed the store down. It was actually pretty emotional for me as I remember when my dad took me baseball shopping. It changed my life. Granted, Ethan is a much better athlete than I was at his age but I hope in some way baseball changes his life for the better too...and I hope it means a lot to him that his daddy is a big part of it. I know it meant a lot to me that my dad got me started with America's pastime.

For those of you who have asked, my health continues to improve. I worked out every morning when I was in Dallas. I will continue to fight the good fight. Thank you again for your well wishes. I hope that all of you are well and I wish you a wonderful weekend.