Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Worst Movies of All Time and How they ruined my life!

As we had my top 50 favorites movies, let me now introduce to you the worst 50 movies I have ever seen. Note I have not seen: The Hottie and the Nottie (a classic with Paris Hilton which actually co-starred a high school friend of mine Adam Kulbersh), Titanic 2 (yes, they made one and it was a cartoon from what I've heard) and Freddie got Fingered."

Enjoy unless you've seen these movies!

50. Harold and Kumar's 3D Christmas - Andrea and I saw this the other night. Why ruin a classic by doing 2 terrible sequels? This one is far worse than number 2. On the other hand, I consider this movie to be the number 2 that my son makes every morning.

49. Jaws The Revenge - a shark getting revenge against people. Seriously? I want revenge from the theater. Give me my money back. And I'm even more disappointed that Michael Caine did this movie. Mario Van Peebles I understand. BUT Michael Caine?

48. Waterworld - Some rank this the worst movie of all time. Those people are not stupid. Kevin Costner is still trying to make up for this disaster. At least he was smart enough not to make a sequel.

47. Major League 3: Back to the Minors - Speaking of sequels. This is as bad as it gets. At least Charlie Sheen had enough decency not to appear in this one. Scott Bakula should have quantum leaped his way out of this miserable film.

46. Anything from the Sci Fi channel - Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Yeah, that was a movie. I have to call out Shark Attack 3: Megalodon as well. If you like gigantic sharks eating boats in one bite, this is your film!

45. Glitter - Mariah Carey's best performance so far...and to my knowledge her only one.

44. Boogeyman - I wanted the Boogeyman to come get me out of this movie. Apparently, they not only made a sequel for this flop but they even made it a trilogy. My guess is the case set can be found at your $1 bin at Walmart.

43. Superman 3 - Richard Pryor couldn't save this movie nor could Superman himself. Superman the Quest for Peace was pretty bad too. I think it started a war.

42. Howard the Duck - I had a dog named Howard growing up. I almost changed his name after seeing this movie. I also ate more duck after this movie but it's purely coincidence.

41. From Justin to Kelly - or as I call it - 2 finalists on American Idol collecting paychecks to act very poorly. Kelly survived this. Justin might be in Jaws V the Return of a shark who eats families.

40. Any movie with party in the title that's a horror movie - Slumber Party, Sorority Party, etc. Great USA Up-All-Night movies though for all of you 80's people.

39. Open Water 2: Adrift - I felt adrift after watching this movie. S.O.S. - someone please turn off my TV!

38. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation - this is where Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zelwegger got their start. This made Matthew's appearance in Fool's Gold and Failure to Launch look like Academy Award Winning Roles. I wonder if the name of this movie had Renee Z at hello.

37. Nothing But Trouble - this horrible movie revealed to me that Chevy Chase's career was about over. Also the title should have hinted to me not to see this movie.

36. Jason X - Seriously Jason Voohries went to space. I'm serious. This was one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. However if it was in the "Horrible" section, it was a masterpiece.

35. Superman Returns - the director should not only never be allowed to make another comic book movie; he should have to wear a shirt reading "I ruined the Superman franchise. Sorry." every day for the rest of this life. Honorable mention to Batman & Robin but I think Clooney is too good of an actor to put this in my top 50.

34. All Final Destination movies after the first one - It's not a good sign if you're laughing when people die unless you're some psychotic killer. After watching this movie, I think there will be a lot more psychotic killers in the world.

33. Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace - I found myself at a midnight show going in and out of sleep during this movie. Jarjar Binx is the worst character in all of movies. George Lucas, I hope you got a lot of money for this because you owe a lot of people refunds!

32. Green Lantern - It should have been called "Ryan Reynolds wanted a paycheck." At least he got Blake Lively out of the deal; not a bad consolation prize.

31. It's Pat: The Movie - Title change - "It's Horrible: This Movie."

30. Adam Sandler movies after Big Daddy - Sometimes I think Adam thinks of a movie and the next day he and his buddies go out and shoot it and it's in the theater 3 days later and then a few days later he realizes, "OK, not a great idea." See Grown Ups as an example.

29. Will Ferrell movies - Don't get me wrong - I loved Old School and Anchorman and even liked Talledega Nights. But when he does a terrible movie "The Campaign," "Land of the Lost" or "Kicking and Screaming," it makes me wonder if he is telling the audience I think you're stupid enough to enjoy this. Well Will, you're wrong, sir!

28. To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar - Dear Wong Foo, thanks for ruining my night at the movies. Andy Lipman.

27. Home Alone 3: McCauley Culkin wasn't in this movie. McCauley Culkin was a lucky man. Hopefully he wasn't in the theater to see it. If he was, that leaves only 7 more people.

26. Rhinestone - I love Sylvestor Stallone. I love Dolly Parton. I hated this movie. If I ever hear Sly sing again, it will be too soon.

25. Flubber - Robin Williams, you are one of my favorite actors. Much like when I peed my pants in the first grade, I'll pretend this didn't happen.

24. Gigli - Ben Affleck, why? Why would you do this? The movie co-starring J-Lo ended like your relationship to J-Lo. Messy!

23. Showgirls - Elizabeth Berkley is very good looking...and that's what I got out of this movie. She should have done Saved by the Bell: The College Years instead.

22. Striptease - There is stripping but the tease was that there would be good acting in this movie. If I had to pick which is worse between this and Showgirls, I think I would prefer not to choose but instead watch my Bar Mitzvah video in slow motion.

21. Speed 2: Cruise Control - Even Sandra Bullock admitted this movie sucked. She was right.

20. Cobra - Sly, what are you doing? I was embarrassed by Rhinestone. I was even embarrassed by Over the Top and Stop or My Mom will Shoot but I left them off this list. Don't even get me started on Judge Dredd. On the bright side, you'll always have Rocky and Rambo.

19. Stop or My Mom will Shoot - Sorry Sly. I decided that you deserved this. You not only hurt your career; you hurt Estelle Getty's and that really hurts me.

18. The Slugger's Wife - How could I not like a movie about baseball that is filmed in Atlanta about the Braves? Somehow I found a way. This movie was awful.

17. Caddyshack II - I loved the first one. I saw the second one. We'll leave it there.

16. All About Steve - Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper are 2 good actors...just not in this movie. I have nothing more to say.

15. Son of the Mask - More like Son of a Bitch, this movie sucked!

14. Little Nicky - I said I wouldn't call out Adam Sandler movies since I basically grouped them all above but forget it. This movie deserves its own line. I thought I dreamed this movie. I thought "No one would really make this movie, would they?" They did and as usual it was Adam Sandler. Hopefully this one only took 25 minutes to make. I want my money back even though I saw this for free on TBS.

13. Eyes Wide Shut - Was this the name of the movie or what I should have done instead of watching this classic?

12. The Last Action Hero - Arnold, please tell me you were distracted by your marital issues when making this movie. Please!

11. North - I thought I was going to see the Oliver North story. Instead I saw the worst movie ever. Thanks Elijah Wood!

10. Toys - Robin, I removed Flubber from my mind. This will be tougher. What is sad is that I loved "The Toy" with Richard Pryor and sometimes I forget which is which when I see the movie is coming on. I brace myself each time. Please don't be Robin Williams. Please don't be Robin Williams. NOOOOOO!

9. Rocky V - I loved 1-4 and even liked 6. 5 stunk! I did like one line, "Hey Tom-my, I didn't hear no bell." Hopefully he didn't see no reviews.

8. Karate Kid IV - Hilary Swank, I'm glad you won an academy award. I still will never forgive you for single-handedly ruining this franchise. You probably killed Pat Morita...and possibly Beverly Hills 90210 but that's another topic all together.

7. Halloween III: Season of the Witch - I actually liked the fact that...who am I kidding? This sucked. Michael Myers wasn't even in it. I think he knew this was going to be terrible. Trick or treat? TRICK!

6. Earth Girls are Easy - Geena Davis, I liked A League of Their Own. Geena Davis, I hated Earth Girls are Easy. I'll tell you what's easy - panning your movie!

5. The Golden Child - Eddie Murphy was tremendous in Beverly Hills Cop and RAW. And he flushed all of that work away with this stinker!

4. She-Devil - You would think a cast with Meryl Streep could never be on this list. What if I told you that Roseanne Barr was in the movie? Exactly!

3. The Howling II and all of those that followed - I loved The Howling. Then when I tell friends to see it, I tell them to make sure the movie they see does not have a roman numeral next to it because all of those were horrible! FYI, The Howling II is called "Your Sister is a Werewolf." I kid you not. This made Teen Wolf II look like Gone with the Wind.

2. The Grudge II - I didn't like "The Grudge." The Grudge II was 100 times worse. I tried to think of something clever to say but my head hurts when I think about this movie. I will never again see a movie directed by Takashi Shimizu. How's that for a grudge?

1. Battlefield Earth - I saw this movie though I didn't see it in full. I don't think I missed a lot. John Travolta has legal problems but that should not be his priority right now. He should turn his attention to "Battlefield Earth II" and make every single person on death row watch this movie. It will save us so much money because we'll be able to get rid of the electric chair.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Feel free to leave a few of your own. Have fun at the movies!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

News on the Sneiderman case

Andrea Sneiderman got some good news yesterday. She is free on bond hopefully beginning later this week. It was terrific news for all of us supporting Andrea. My dad and my Andrea were on the stand yesterday as witnesses and did a great job demonstrating Andrea's character and why she was worthy of getting out on bond. I was able to sit directly behind Andrea Sneiderman with her family as we watched. Herb and Bonnie (her parents) cried as the decision was revealed by Judge Adams. They really needed this type of news...truthfully all of "Team Andrea" did.

This was a very good start to exonerating our friend. We don't want her to just be found "not guilty." We want people to see what a really good person she is and hopefully all of you who do not know that will see for yourselves in the next 12 months that our friend Andrea could never have done such a thing to her beloved husband. I was in my daughter's class the other day and we were supposed to leave her with words to live by. I put "Sometimes being a leader is not about doing the popular thing but instead doing the right thing." That's kind of how I feel while sticking by my friend.

Thank you as always for your support of me and my Andrea regardless of your opinion of this case. Your calls and texts are very helpful during this time. The most important thing is that Andrea gets to be with her children now. Regardless of who you support, please pray for the children and that at least for a little while their lives go back to normal.

In other news, 10 days till my 10th anniversary with Andrea. Andrea, I love you. I can't believe it's been 10 years. We have 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful life together.

Magic is having ACL surgery next week. She's just trying to be like the rest of her immediate family and have some sort of medical condition. Now we can officially qualify for WEB MD Family of the Year.

Kris Medlen may be the best clutch pitcher the Braves organization has had since John Smoltz. The guy just wins. He made the Nationals lineup look like the Astros last night. Go Braves! We have a big 4 game series in SF starting tonight. We need to split at worst.

I heard Maurice Jones-Drew might get traded. I'm hoping Arthur Blank is listening.

I only have 3 more days of TOBI (I finish Sunday morning) so I look forward to spending that previously allotted time for time with Andrea and the kids. Not only is it frustrating adding 80 minutes of TOBI per day but I'm also anxiety-ridden all day thinking about when I'm going to find the time to do the treatments.

My softball team advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs Monday night. Our next game is Monday the 27th. Go Off the Bench!

Please check out my Top 50 movie list in the previous blog entry and see what movies you would add.

I hope that all of you are well.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My top 50 movies of all time plus others

I think we all like to talk about what our favorite movies are so I decided to create a list of my top 50 movies of all time. I'm sure I'll leave a few out so feel free to mention them. Before I display this list, I still have yet to see the Godfather series so that is on my list to see. Enjoy! I also promised to put my friend Will's son, Brody and my son Ethan on the blog after our lake trip the other day so here we go (Brody is on top). Thanks Will for a great time!

And now without further ado, here is my list of top 50 movies:

50. The Howling - my first horror movie and why I'm infatuated with werewolf movies other than Twilight.

49. Poltergeist - I still run away from the light.

48. The Hangover - I thought the 2nd one was ok but the first one was hilarious. It put Zach Galifianakis on the map. Just don't put his last name on a spelling bee.

47. Swingers - this one is never on any lists it seems but I loved this movie. My close friend Ross and I watched this over and over. Vince Vaughn was amazing. This is a typical guy movie.

46. Fast Times at Ridgemont High - I was going through puberty and Phoebe Cates. That's all I have to say.

45. Tootsie - Dustin Hoffman was great. This was the best drag movie ever including "To Wong Foo."

44. When Harry Met Sally - this looked so boring in the previews but I fell in love with Meg Ryan after this.

43. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Steven Spielberg is on my list several times. I'd love to be his accountant. Granted I'm not an accountant.

42. The Karate Kid (the original) - my friend Ross will laugh because this used to be number one on my list but apparently I'm actually looking for a little bit more from my movies now. I still loved the story and can quote every line. Still when my son is being bad, I say "No mercy!"

41. Sleepers - This was a great story of kids getting revenge against people who hurt them when they got older. As a kid, there were people in my life who hurt me and I was able to identify with the characters.

40. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Every time I watch this movie I get hungry. Gene Wilder was terrific.

39. Hoosiers - If you don't get emotional during this classic, there is something wrong. This was the movie that made me want to be a coach.

38. Good Will Hunting - I love the story and the friendships in the movie. I'm also a numbers guy so the math problems made it fun to watch.

37. Raiders of the Lost Ark - I was afraid of snakes when I saw this movie. Now I'm even more afraid. Loved the movie though.

36. The Princess Bride - Just a cute story.

35. The Usual Suspects - the movie was okay but the end was spectacular!!!

34. Jurassic Park - It was just cool to imagine a park with dinosaurs everywhere and the glass of water scene was so suspenseful. This is the best dinosaur movie ever, yes even better than "Land of the Lost."

33. Old School - this was my introduction to Will Ferrell. He was great but still Vince Vaughn made this movie.

32. Rainman - Tom Cruise was good. Dustin Hoffman was off the charts. One of the best acting performances ever.

31. Halloween (the original) - John Carpenter's music is the best theme music (maybe other than Jaws) that I've ever heard.

30. Rob Zombie's Halloween - There aren't many remakes I love but this is one of them. The story behind Michael Myers is terrific.

29. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises - 2 terrific movies. RIP Heath Ledger.

28. National Lampoon's Vacation - Chevy Chase has never been funnier. I could quote this movie all day long.

27. Rocky - I still listen to Eye of the Tiger every chance I get.

26. Schindler's List - A very sad movie but extremely well done. Obviously being Jewish, this movie had a big effect on me. It took me a long time to see it because I knew it would be tough.

25. Batman Begins - This was so much better than Tim Burton's version it's not even funny.

24. Casino - The girl I went out with when I saw this movie ran out during the last Joe Pesci scene. That's when I knew I was watching a classic...and that she and I were not going to make it.

23. Airplane! - Another movie I could quote all day. Striker! Striker! Striker!

22. Stand By Me - This was a great movie for someone who cherished his friends growing up.

21. American History X - I love the change in the main character. Ed Norton is awesome!

20. The Silence of the Lambs - I just love the fact that she asks for Mrs. Lipman when she gets to his house at the end. I was so glad my mom didn't answer.

19. The Social Network - I loved the story behind Facebook. This was the last movie I saw with my friend Rusty so it will always have sentimental meaning.

18. Taken - Liam Neeson was the man in this movie and I never thought I could say that. Yes, even better than his role in Nell.

17. Love Actually - I'm embarrassed to say that this was a great movie. Some really great storylines.

16. The Wizard of Oz - This was my favorite movie as a kid though the witch scared me to death.

15. Superman - He was my favorite superhero growing up. Every time I was really sick and fighting my CF, I wanted to watch this movie.

14. Titanic - I actually cried in this movie. Now I know where I left my man card. Ross, no laughing.

13. Forrest Gump - It was a great story and Tom Hanks was awesome.

12. Back to the Future - Great idea for a movie. I still reference the Delorean from time to time.

11. Terms of Endearment - see my comment on Titanic.

10. The Shining - got my man card back. Jack Nicholson was amazing.

9. Office Space - this is a cult film. If you've ever worked in an office, this is the movie for you.

8. The Empire Strikes Back - this was the only one of the 6 that makes my list. I loved the original and Return of the Jedi too but nothing was better than this one for me especially since I figured out the relationship between Luke and Darth Vader. I won't ruin it but it was a holiday June 17th this year.

7. The Natural - The final scenes and the music are some of my favorite moments in a theater.

6. Top Gun - Tom Cruise made the list again (Rainman too). He was awesome. I think this is where Katie Holmes fell in love with him. I think she was 8 at the time.

5. Saving Private Ryan - The first 20 minutes made me feel like I was at war. This is also where I learned you could make movies into adult movie titles. "Saving Ryan's Priv...."...never mind. My mom reads this.

4. Goodfellas - this was a classic mafia movie. I loved Liotta and especially Pesci.

3. Philadelphia - A very tough movie to watch but Tom Hanks was terrific!

2. Shawshank Redemption - I loved the revenge factor in this movie. Tim Robbins was awesome.

1. Jaws - Best fish movie ever! Would have been the best mammal movie ever if sharks were mammals! Why did they have to do Jaws The Revenge though. Ugh!

Honorable Mention:

Revenge of the Nerds
A League of their Own
Coming to America
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Naked Gun
Silver Bullet
Fire Starter
Disney's The Rookie
Bend It Like Beckham
Slumdog Millionaire
Bull Durham
Return of the Jedi
Escape from Alcatraz
Star Wars IV
Primal Fear
Mr. Mom
My Bar Mitzvah video - very underrated - I was a heck of a dancer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The week that was...

It was a very busy week for me. I had a nice dinner with my sister Monday night. I got to meet her dog Diesel. I have attached a picture. Very sweet dog but very big too. I have to recommend Zoe's Kitchen. I'd never had it before. The food was really good and also healthy. Em, thanks for having me over.

On Tuesday, we had Ethan's doctor's appointment. He is doing terrific. Funny story though. The other day we're at dinner and the Olympics are on. Avery says to Ethan, "You're not rooting for China, are you?" Ethan responded "Yes." Avery responded back "EEEEE-than!" I don't think Ethan even knows what China is other than the food mommy and daddy order most Sundays.

On Wednesday, I had my first Terry Board Meeting Dinner in Buckhead. It was great. I met a lot of wonderful people. It made me wonder how I was chosen after seeing so many great people involved. I hope to play a significant role in keeping the UGA business school as one of the best in the country.

On Thursday, I had a 7am speech to attend and a 9am board meeting to attend. I got to hear Falcons President Rich McKay speak at the Terry Third Thursday in Buckhead. He was received very well. At the board meeting, I had a great surprise. One of the new members was a high school classmate of mine. I had no idea. I also met a guy who used to play defensive end for Air Force and he got to tell me what it was like to tackle Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. I asked him question after question about football as I love hearing these stories. All I could come back with after his Marshall Faulk story was I loved the movie "We are Marshall."

This is still TOBI month so I must say that I'm a bit exhausted. An extra 80 minutes of treatments per day will do that to you. I'm trying to live my life though. I don't want to take the month of TOBI off and use it as an excuse but sometimes it's difficult not to.

I also notice that my attitude is not as good during the months I'm on TOBI and I'm less likely to contact my friends. I have been using TOBI month to watch some new shows. I'm currently following "Hard Knocks" on HBO which covers the Miami Dolphins. It's a pretty cool show. I've also been watching several movies (which I've reviewed in one of my earlier blogs this month) like "The Rock," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Goodfellas" and "The Kids are All Right."

My birthday is coming up in a month and I always get the question "What do you want for your birthday?" Usually I say don't get me anything. I never like getting presents but this year I decided to think what would Andy Lipman really like and the answers may be disappointing.

5. A generator - when the power goes out, I want to have a way to do my therapy and not worry that the power is not coming on for a while. It's probably not the first gift most people would want.

4. A robot babysitter for the kids - when Andrea and I want to go out, it would be nice to just say "Robot Babysitter, watch the children." A man can dream.

3. A Super Bowl, World Series, College Football Championship or an NBA Title from one of my local teams - of the 3 birthday wishes I've mentioned so far - this one seems like the least likely to happen (even less likely than the robot).

2. The Back to the Future DeLorean - I want to go back in time and win the spelling bee in 4th grade. I should have known there was not an "a" in invisible. I could also tell Evander Holyfield to cover his ear when he fights Tyson, tell Robert Kardashian that being a high profile attorney in the OJ case might affect his children's need for publicity and tell Ted Turner not to sell the Braves.

1. I want a mind eraser that can erase the following movies that I wasted hours seeing during my lifetime. Those movies are below with a review:

"In Love and War": I saw this in college when I was dating my girlfriend. I was double-dating with my friend Seth. I remember looking at him after this movie and thinking "if I don't tell anyone we were at this movie and you don't tell anyone, do you think we can get our man cards back?"

"North": I was working at a movie theater at the time and managed to sit through this movie. They should have called it "South" because that's where the reviews went. Horrible, horrible movie. I'm glad to see Elijah Wood recovered. That makes one of us.

"From Justin to Kelly": I have not seen this whole movie but only because I had a remote control. I could tell from the few minutes that I did see it that if I had been in the theater, I would have run out screaming "I want to change my vote on American Idol!"

"Jaws: The Revenge": This one hurts to mention because I love a great shark movie and a great horror movie but not a horrible shark movie. If Roy Scheider was alive, he would have turned over in his grave. A shark coming back for revenge against a family in the Bahamas? I wonder what the reaction was from the production company when they saw the script. I would have at least renamed it "Jaws: The Revenge...Against Everyone who Loved the first 3 movies."

"Glitter": Saw 5 minutes of it. Can't imagine what 2 hours must have been like. I would have watched 5 seconds but my remote's batteries ran low and I had to replace them. It was an awful experience. Mariah, you are no Streisand. Heck, you're no Madonna.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope you get to browse the blogs from the past few weeks and send in your comments. Have a good weekend!


Check out Brandon's message


Check this out. Brandon Beachy did an egraph for me and is coming to Wish for Wendy. If you have interest in getting an egraph from Brandon, let me know and I'll get you in touch.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Movies

It's TOBI month and to avoid being bored I've come up with a 30 day plan while doing 2,240 minutes of TOBI treatments. Now that we have a DVR in the basement, I will be recording and watching movies I've always wanted to see but never have. I'll also put in my review without giving away the ending.

The Rock - It's hard to believe that I've never seen this movie. Usually when a movie is about 2.5 hours (See all of the Lord of the Rings flicks), I get bored in the theater. So I decided to give The Rock a shot. I'm going on a point scale of 1 - 10 and I'm giving it a 7. It was slow at points but the end was good. Cage gets on my nerves a bit but Connery made this movie. Ed Harris was good too.

About Schmidt - this was a very depressing movie but also motivated me to make something more of my life. I felt bad for Schmidt. His life sucked and his relationships were terrible. I gave the movie a 7 out of 10.

Goodfellas - Where has this movie been all my life? Oh yeah, it's called Casino. I loved Casino and had to watch Goodfellas. I loved Peshi as I always do and Ray Liotta was awesome. I gave it a 9 out of 10. Great action. Probably not good for the kids.

The Kids are All Right - Depressing. See a theme here. I like to watch sad movies. It makes me feel better about my life. It was a little slow but it really made me think about how we judge other people and have no idea what their circumstances are. I gave it a 7.5. Annette Benning was awesome.

Pacific Heights - I'd always meant to see this movie. Unless you're really bored, probably not worth it. 6 out of 10.

Crazy Stupid Love - cute movie. It was the 40 year old virgin meets the royal tennenbaums. I gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

Fiddler on the Roof - hard to believe I have not seen this entire classic. I'm about 90% of the way in. The story itself is decent but the music is incredible. I would give it a 7 out of 10. Here's how cultured I am. I see the father in this movie and I don't think about the fact that he's a great actor or that he's a wonderful singer. I say "That's the professor from Flash Gordon!"

The Dark Knight Rises - Obviously I saw this in the theater with Andrea. Tremendous flick! I gave it a 9.5 out of 10. I love how you have to think at the end. I won't ruin it for everybody but it definitely keeps your attention throughout.

In Time - This movie starts Justin Timberlake and it's a sci-fi movie. It's really interesting as time is essentially your currency. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Please send me a list of underrated movies I just have to see. I hope everyone is well.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A busy Lipman weekend

It was an interesting few days in the Lipman household. First off, we had an ACL tear. I know your first thought is it had to be me or Andrea since we are such incredible athletes (insert sarcasm here at least for my athletic ability). Nope! Magic somehow tore her ACL. We found ourselves at the Emergency Clinic Saturday night which will never be confused for the Ritz Carlton. Poor Magic! We are having to carry her up and down the stairs and outside so she can go to the potty. We took her outside about 4 times last night and she still had an accident thanks to the medication. We won't know for a week or two if she'll need surgery but it's likely. We're hoping that she gets better soon.

Ethan, on the other hand, turned 4 this weekend. I can't believe that my little boy is 4 years old. It's hard to believe that 4 years ago we were told he was having seizures and a brain infarct and his odds of having a normal life were slim. Yet on his 4th birthday, Ethan had a gymnastics party and is tumbling, jumping and flipping just like everyone else. It's incredible how great he looks. Every time I talk about this, I get very teary and grateful that Andrea got him in the stem cell program at Duke. I don't think he'd be the same boy without it.

Speaking of yesterday, that was also mine and Andrea's 12 year dating anniversary. Hard to believe that we've been together for 4,384 days now or 105,216 hours for those of you who prefer that measuring stick. I can't believe we have almost been married for 10 years. Andrea, I love you and I told you we'd beat the Vegas odds of 100,000 hours.

Avery turns 6.5 on Friday. Yes, I let the kids have half birthdays the same week the other kid has a birthday so they don't feel left out. Avery started first grade today. It's pretty hard to believe that she's in grade school. Last year, it was Andrea who got teary on the ride to school for Avery's first day of kindergarten. Today it was my turn. I'm so proud of her and I love her personality. She's such a sweet girl but sadly for Andrea and Ethan, she has daddy's humor. Actually so does Ethan. I know. I know. Poor Andrea!

Andrea and I are doing okay. It's obviously difficult dealing with everything going on with our friend Andrea. Regardless of which side you take (and I realize everyone is entitled to an opinion), you have to understand that it's very difficult when you have a friend in trouble and you feel helpless in the situation. Now add the fact that she has two beautiful children who are having to go through this. I hurt for them so much.

Now on a lighter note, the Braves are looking great lately despite last night's loss. The pitching has been tremendous. The bats are getting a bit better. The bench is greatly improved with the addition of Reed Johnson. I still think Ben Sheets will wear down by season's end but I think Kris Medlen is our insurance policy as a starter.

I was excited to see the USA win the medal competition but I must admit the thrill of the "Dream Team" is over for me. I would rather see the national championship NCAA team play in the Olympics and all of the players that are not American on that team could be replaced by college players who are eligible. I love that the guys love playing for their country but there's no fun in destroying other teams anymore. Here are my top 5 moments from this year's Olympics:

5. Gabby Douglas winning gold.
4. Michael Phelps breaking the medal record.
3. The Blade Runner showing everyone that anything is possible.
2. Andy Murray winning the Gold Medal in front of his home country.
1. Hearing the name Destinee Hooker repeated 125 times during the Olympics.

I have my next doctor's appointment next Friday but until then I have a lot going on. This week I have 2 meetings for the Terry College Board that I need to attend plus I have softball tonight and I'm excited to finally meet Em's new dog. I found out that I get to go on the field as a 40 under 40 recipient at UGA. That's pretty cool. That'll be during the Georgia-Vandy game this season. I also have a speech at Marist next month and I also have speeches in Carrolton, Georgia, with the folks at LinkedIn and I'm excited to announce that I will be signing books at the next Marcus Jewish Community Center Book Fest. I'm also speaking at Limmud in Clayton, Georgia. The schedule is quite full.

I hope that everyone is doing well.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 25 ways to make the Olympics more interesting

It's been a tough few weeks so I decided I would come up with 25 ways to make the Olympics better. I hope this is entertaining and thought-provoking. Feel free to comment with your own ideas.

25. I have been watching the Olympics for a few weeks now and all I can say is why is China so much better at diving than everyone else. Does everyone there have a high dive? In China instead of adult swim, do they have adult diving? It must be something in the water...literally! How about we make it tougher on them? When they dive, people can hold out mirrors like in "Back to School." Maybe they have to do the Triple Lindy to medal.

24. I don't understand some of these sports. Trampoline gymnastics? Really! I'm going to create a combination of 2-sports. Bungy Jumping Archery. You have to bungy-jump and still hit your target before you come all the way down. If you miss, you have to do it again but this time you have to sky-dive.

23. I think we need to introduce a last place medal like when you finish in last in a football pool and you get your money back. Maybe it's a recycled metal and instead of playing your national anthem, they play the movie Glitter and you have to sit through all of it and then applaud Mariah Carey afterwards.

22. I think every gymnast should have to do their floor routine to "Call Me Maybe." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic I just think that would be funny. I think Bob Costas should have to sing it at the end of each telecast like his version of One Shining Moment.

21. I want to introduce a new sport to the Olympics. Tweeting. Whoever gets the most retweets wins. Hey, we're in the computer age, people!

20. I think the 1992 Dream Team should enter the field and see if they can still beat Angola by 100.

19. On TV, it's called the XXX Olympics. If that's the case, I think Ron Jeremy should do the play by play.

18. I want them to mention Destinee Hooker 100 more times for Team USA Women's Volleyball. Every time I hear her name I understand why this is the XXX Olympics.

17. I want to see a team from Antartica play Beach Volleyball. It would be like the Jamaican Bobsled team minus John Candy.

16. I think Michael Phelps is so good that he should have to race against dolphins or better yet he should have to race in a shark tank. So not only is it interesting to see if he might win, but you know it could be really interesting if he cuts himself on the final lap.

15. I think there should be an Olympic Sport for one night stands. Ryan Lochte's mom knows who will get the gold in that one, don't you Mrs. Lochte?

14. I think we should add sky-diving as an Olympic sport. Let's see the Chinese beat us in that diving event too!

13. What happens if you do not have a country like a few of the athletes? So what happens if you win? What do they play? It's got to be Call Me Maybe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic

12. I think the cannonball should be a legal dive. I think that's the only way the Americans are going to rise to the top.

11. I think China should add another medal for making the uniforms for the USA. Speaking of which, I wonder if the Chinese have "Made in USA" uniforms. Talk about adding salt to the wound.

10. What about having a legends version for older Olympians and adding Shuffleboard, Scrabble and Parcheesi as Olympic sports?

9. Combine the Olympics with Reality Shows. Allow competitors to vote off others, allow them to date each other and have them see if they are smarter than a fifth grader. I could see it now. "LoLo Jones, this is the final rose of the evening."

8. Have Twitter lie about what happened at the Olympics so that people around me can stop telling me the results before I watch the games at night. This only makes the Olympics more interesting to me but I could see where saying "Team Angola beat Team USA" might make others want to watch more, too.

7. Have medals for the best Olympic Athletes names: Destinee Hooker, Yoo Suk Kim, and Hope Solo.

6. I want new reporters instead of the NBC Today Show crew and Ryan Seacrest. Here is my crew: Charlie Sheen, Sarah Palin, Charles Barkley and Destinee Hooker. I just like saying it now.

5. I think every time rival nations face each other the Darth Vader march should play. That would certainly make Iran vs. Iraq more interesting.

4. What about the Electric Slide? Olympic sport or not? I'm just thinking here.

3. Instead of having the Olympics in nice cities like London or Rio, have it in the most war-torn city you can find...let's say Chamblee, Georgia, where there are lots of Destinee Hookers.

2. Every other sport is allowing pros now so how about wrestling. I can see it now. Amateur Steve Smith vs. The Rock!

1. And finally, the best way to make the Olympics more interesting, no more giving out medals to the winners. I want T-shirts that read "I just won at the Olympics and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Made in China of course.

I hope everyone is well and at least laughed at one of these.


Friday, August 3, 2012

The last 24 hours

Dear Friends and Family,

The last 24 hours have been extremely difficult for me and my Andrea. I feel sad and helpless for Andrea Sneiderman and especially for hers and Rusty's children. I am going to try to explain how I’m feeling to the best of my ability.

Why do I feel helpless? I wish I could call Andrea and tell her things will be okay but I can't. I wish I could give her a hug and tell her there are so many people supporting her but I can't. All that my Andrea and I can do right now is be there for her parents and her kids and we have been so far and plan to be until this mayhem is over.

Why am I sad? I'm sad that Andrea's kids were at the house when this took place. I'm sad that the media knew before Andrea and her family. I wish her lawyers had been notified so that they could have escorted Andrea down to the station without all of the media fanfare especially since it would have lessened the chances that her children were present for this horrifying encounter. I am sad from all of the media calls and e-mails that I have been receiving asking me to come down and give my support for Andrea. Andrea has my support and I don't feel that further media exposure is going to show that any clearer.

Rusty and I used to talk about my speaking engagements, my books and the potential for media exposure. He used to tell me that I was going to be on TV and radio to raise awareness for my cause. I never wanted to become a media mogul this way. I never thought the media would be calling me to talk about Rusty's death and Andrea's incarceration. It's heartbreaking.

My PR firms have made every effort to reach out to the media about my life story and beating cystic fibrosis. I maybe had 10 hits in 2 years. In 24 hours, I haven't made a single call and over 15 outlets have e-mailed or called to get me to come on the air. Again, I understand that the media has a job to do but it just saddens me that bad news has to outshine good news in the world. That just doesn't seem right.

My Andrea and I are sad today for our friend, her family and especially for hers and Rusty's children. They have already lost a father and now at least temporarily they have lost a mother. My heart breaks for them. I wish I could tell them that everything is going to be alright. I wish I could hug them for however long Andrea is in jail. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and this was all a nightmare. The truth is that none of these things are going to happen.

Let me take this time to tell all of you that Andrea has a great team. I'm not talking about her attorneys or even her loyal friends; all of whom by the way are terrific. I'm talking about her family specifically her father. I didn't know Herb very well when all of this happened but I've grown to not only know him but to respect the Hell out of him. He's not only strong for Andrea but he's an amazing role model for her children Sophia and Ian. He loves them all so much. He's great to Bonnie, his wife of many years, as well. Herb, I hope that I'm the kind of father and grandfather (God willing) that you are.

I am sad for Andrea. I hurt for all of the people who lost Rusty especially his children. He was a terrific man but I know if he was here today he'd ask everyone to respect Andrea and the children's privacy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My Andrea and I are hurting right now for our friend. It is awful to turn on the TV, look at the computer or open the newspaper and see her in handcuffs being escorted to a police car. We pray that justice prevails and that when this trial is over, Andrea's children will remember all of this for one vital reason...the loss of their wonderful father.

I pray all of you are well.