Friday, December 28, 2012

Crazy sports predictions for 2013!

10. The Atlanta Falcons will finally win a Super Bowl! Yeah, I said it. I'm one of the most pessimistic fans around but the Falcons have a lot going for them. Homefield advantage in the NFC. They are familiar with the city of New Orleans and the Super Dome if they get there. They have a great QB and a much improved defense. They have a lot to prove after the last 3 postseasons. I'm saying "Falcons over the Patriots."

9. Every year in college football it seems there is one high ranked team that gets to the BCS championship and one sleeper (except for last year when it was LSU and Alabama). My BCS Championship prediction for 2013-2014 is Alabama-Florida State. I want to pick against Bama but they have a schedule that I think they can do very well. I just can't pick against Saban. Florida State is in a weak ACC and has been on the verge the last few years. They're not a true sleeper but they haven't been to the championship in a very long time.

8. The Heisman Trophy will go to...Georgia Running Back Todd Gurley. I know this sounds like a homer pick but the kid is amazing and only a freshman. Wait till next year!!!

7. The World Series winner will be the Cincinnati Reds. I know that's crazy but they were on the verge of beating the Giants last year and they are a good, young team with solid pitching. I also predict the Dodgers will be a major disappointment even with the high payroll. I'll say the Reds over the Rays in a small-market affair.

6. The Stanley Cup Winner will be...who cares! Will there even be hockey at that point? Probably but I really don't care. I'll pick the Flyers just because of my buddy Ross.

5. The NBA champs will be the Oklahoma City Thunder over the Miami Heat. Revenge is sweet for Durant!

4. The NCAA Basketball Champions will be the Duke Blue Devils. They will beat a tough Florida Gator team in the final.

3. Andy Murray will finally win Wimbledon next year.

2. Princess Kate will have a boy. It's not sports-related but I'm on a roll.

1. Tiger Woods will finally win another major.

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