Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Mom's final moments

Well, it's day 4 of me taking care of the kiddies. I have to admit that it was actually easier than I thought. Sure, my car died. And I had to get a ride back with the guy from Acura Roadside Service. Sure, on Saturday, I had to have a guy from the service department follow me home in the car and I gave him a ride back. By the way, the cause of my car's problems was a completely dead battery.

Sure, Ethan couldn't let me out of his sight while I coached Avery's soccer team. Still, they are breathing and so am I. Every morning that Ethan woke up, I got him. Then Avery followed and came to my room. We then went downstairs where they ate, watched TV and hung out with me while I did my therapy. I'm not sure I did such a great job; I think I just have two great kids. I'm especially proud of Avery. She's becoming such a mature little girl. Thanks to my father n law who helped me with the kids at soccer practice and who took them to the petting zoo for a couple of hours.

Well, in 5 days I'll be 37 which is the current life expectancy for a CF patient. It's scary and I thought I'd freak out a little but after the last few years and how I've gotten better in my own skin, I actually feel extremely lucky. I have a wonderful wife who has had to put up with my issues. I have 2 beautiful kids who I was never supposed to have. I have 2 wonderful parents and by the way thanks everyone who asked about my dad. He continues to do well and is visiting this weekend.

Andrea had fun at the Emmy's with Emily. I got some beautiful pictures from Andrea. I could tell they had a lot of fun. I thought it was funny that in exchange for Andrea's Emmy picture, I sent her a picture from my fantasy draft that same night. Ok, I thought it was funny.

How bout the Braves lately? What a great comeback on Sunday! I couldn't believe it. The Phillies won't go away though. Champions seldomly do. I'm proud of my guys though.

In my last act as Mr. Mom, I fixed Avery's fan light in her room, bought the kids milk and waffles after work and got some flowers for Andrea so she knows how much the 3 of us missed her. I also picked up Emily's dog Daisy and so I now have 2 dogs and 2 kids. Daisy is a small white malty-poo who has pink dyed feet. I will not walk that dog in public. You couldn't pay me enough. Sorry Emily.

I see my therapist George tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing him. I see my sponsor on Wednesday so we can complete Step 7. I can't wait to move forward.

I am getting all my book forewords together now and have added friends to my Facebook account so that I can spread the news as the book hopefully gets closer to publication.

Today we got our 16th Wish for Wendy team and the Foundation team is just about complete. We also now have a sponsorship chairman. Rusty Sneiderman is doing an amazing job. He's taking us places we've never been.

Well, that's about it. I'm taking the kids to bed for the final time before Andrea arrives. I can't wait to welcome her and Emily home. Of course they arrive during my 2nd fantasy draft of the week. I'll try not to let the draft interfere with their arrival...unless of course it's during the early rounds. Just kidding!

Have a great night.


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