Saturday, August 28, 2010

A rough start to a crazy weekend

Good morning everyone.

It's been a crazy weekend and it's only Saturday morning. I got back from my work retreat in Barnesly Gardens (near Adairsville, GA home of Bobby Cox)yesterday excited to show my wife what a great Mr. Mom I could be. This is the first time I've had the kids and she's been out of town.

Before I get to our exciting day yesterday, let me share about my retreat. The facilities were beautiful. My project presentations were received very favorable. It's the best performance at a retreat I've ever had. I also got a card for my dad who was sorely missed at this retreat and had all of our executive board sign it. Though my team lost in the athletic competitions, I did redeem myself. Six years ago I finished dead last during the skeet shooting competition. This team I finished in the middle in both archery and beebee gun shooting so no more jokes about my aim. I've had to endure them for 6 long years especially amongst the hunters in the group. I did cut my arm on a thorn bush during the bike race but it's now a cool scar to show my daughter and brag how I fought a huge alligator and won. I got back around 3pm yesterday.

Then the day got interesting. First, I saw a friend of mine I hadn't seen in years. It was a bit awkward and sad that we don't really reconnect anymore but that's the way life is I suppose. Then I got to our house and the kids were all over me. Ethan was so excited to see me and Avery finally came around after her fifth time asking when mommy's coming home. Andrea is at the Emmy's with my sister by the way. Lucky, huh? So then our nanny, Luz, left. Then the fireworks began. Avery, Ethan and I went to Blockbuster to pick out a movie. Then as we got in the car, I called Andrea to brag how easy this was. Then I put my keys in the ignition and nothing. I thought I must have put her car key instead of mine. Not the case. The car was dead. So we went to dinner at the Boulevard Diner next door while Acura Car Assistance called someone to charge the car. Someone arrived but the car did not start. The lights flickered and I knew it was probably the alternator. Thanks to my old Ford Explorer from the late 90's, I knew all about car issues. Next the guy took us home and I found out we had a commonality. He and his wife were going through IVF as well. They hadn't had any luck yet so I told him this good deed might put him over the top. He was hopeful.

Next I let the kids watch our movie while I called a tow truck. They said they'd be there between 7:45 and 8. I put the movie on in the car for the kids and drove there to unpack my car. 7:45 went by as did 8. I called them. Turns out they were busy and it was now going to be 8:30 so I left the keys under the mat, went home and put the kids to bed. It can't get worse, right? Well, Avery's bedroom light didn't work so I'm fixing that this morning. Ethan had a few tantrums. Magic ate a fake flower. But we survived and that's all that matters.

We are going to Gramps' girlfriend's house this morning so the kids can spend some time with him. I will be calling for updates on car in the meanwhile. I did get to work on my Step 7 this morning while I did my therapy and the kids played.

I have to say that through all my emotional issues, my physical health is really at tip top shape. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks but I feel really confident about it. It's one week before my 37th birthday, the life expectancy of someone with CF and I just competed in a mini work Olympics and a scavenger hunt. I worked out and ran Thursday and Friday. I'm in really good shape.

Here's some good news. I finalized my last celebrity foreword yesterday. Here is the big list: Dale Murphy, Boomer Esiason, Frank Deford, Robert Beall (head of the National CF Foundation), Garth Brooks and the newest member, Celine Dion! This was my original list so I'm excited everyone is taking part in my journey. I only wish I could have added Dr. Wolfenden.

Everything else is great. I'm ready to start a hopefully less exciting Day 2. I may even rent Mr. Mom for a good laugh.

I hope everyone else has a great weekend and got a good laugh at my expense.

Andrea, I miss you!!!! Have fun with Em!!!

Best Wishes,


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