Monday, August 2, 2010

Last day of Tobi, grieving, etc.

Well, I’m relieved that tonight is the last night of Tobi. I’m sick of the extra 2 hours every day that I have to administer the aerosol although it has allowed me some time to improve my pool game since I have to wait about 20 minutes between my Pulmozyme and my Tobi treatments morning and night. I know that Andrea is excited as it will allow me to have more time with her and it will allow me to have a normal sleep schedule again. My average completion time for Tobi has been around 1 a.m.

I’m still sad about Dr. Wolfenden. I saw that one of my pill prescriptions still has her name on it and I saw some pictures of her with her scarf, obviously affected by the cancer. That was the first time I’d seen pictures. So obviously it’s tough and now I must also think about my health and find another doctor that I can trust. I’ve been going to another doctor at Emory and she is very good but it’s hard to find a doctor you can trust the way I trusted Dr. Wolfenden. In time, I hope to have that relationship again.

Remember Mr. Turtle, well today I ran into a bird. Yeah, he flew into my windshield. Then I saw him drop behind my car. I don’t know if he died or what but I couldn’t do another trip to All Creatures. They might have my pets taken away from me. To make matters worse, I went to Walgreens today, bought 3 items and found out my total was $6.66. Bad luck day I guess.

Let’s hope the Braves have some luck tonight against the Mets. I’m getting a little worried about this team and I don’t think we helped ourselves much at the trade deadline.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments you sent to me about my doctor. She truly was inspiring and I’ll miss her.

Finale of the Bachelorette tonight (loss of man card moment): I have a prediction. She marries neither guy and she gets a bid on Dancing with the Stars. Either way, this show is pretty dumb yet now I’m invested though I pretend not to be.

Tonight my team has a game at 8:40pm. Should be a sell-out which is about 3 fans in the bleachers.

The weekend was good. We really didn’t do that much. Andrea’s dad was in town so it was nice to see him. We spent some time with my sister and parents and that was really fun. It’s great to see the kids interacting well with my dad and mom specifically. It took Avery a while but she is so excited to go to Nana’s now that she packs her bags 2 days before she goes. My dad and Ethan have really hit it off. Ethan is developing the personality of a bruiser. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. He pushed Avery and broke the top lock on our door while doing so. Avery was okay. He is really strong. He throws his food down constantly, messes with the dog and laughs when he aggravates me or Andrea. He’s a stinker but sweet too. He loves giving kisses. Avery is in that rebellion stage which I thought would take place at two or three. She wants it her way. She’s learning the hard way that it isn’t going to be so easy.

I’m looking forward to going to Charleston soon. I’m also looking forward to a Disney trip in September. And congrats to my alma mater for getting best party school in the USA today. Some would look at that as an insult. I, on the other hand, am throwing that on my résumé just under the fact that we have a great gymnastics team. We’ll miss you Suzanne Yoculan!

I’ve been handling my depression well the last week. Notice I never say that it is gone because I will never be rid of it. I used to believe I could get rid of depression or anxiety but just like the lung disease I've had my whole life, I'm not getting rid of these emotional issues. I have to confront them or they will find a way to destroy me. I am feeling like I have coped well and talked to the right people in my rehab circle in order to get better. I’m also glad to have so many good friends that have called to check on me. I really do appreciate it. Sorry I haven't called all of you back.

I go to my psychiatrist tomorrow. We meet for about half hour. I met Dr. Rad during my rehab sessions and he and I have continued to work together. We meet once every two months to evaluate my meds and how I’m personally doing.

Ok, well, I hope everyone had a good weekend and that you are having a great summer.

By the way, the pictures attached are A) Ethan and I in our early tailgating gear and B) Avery riding her first pony. I was so proud of her because she was really scared but she did it. Andrea was there for support. Thanks Honey!

Talk to you soon.


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