Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sneiderman Trial Day 2

I'm here for day 2 of the trial. I can't comment on the case but I'm proud of Andrea. She's been amazing. This place is a media circus. I feel like I'm at the Super Bowl as far as all of the media trucks here. Thanks for all of the emails and texts checking on me. Keep the family in your prayers please.


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  1. I suppose delusion is a staple of American life and in many cases a good thing. In this case perhaps not so much. Mrs. Sneiderman's testimony directly conflicts with that of virtually every other witness. She has acted in a hostile, snappy, aggressive fashion that shows another side of her that is more believable that the "poor innocent widow she attempts to portray. Her strange and frankly irrational behavior in the courthouse and with her "former Friend Ms. Citron" make her look even worse. Its hard to believe that any attorney didnt put her on a leash prior to the trial. Let alone let her testify. I wonder if perhaps she is being led into a trap? Hmmm.. Most likely not. The rich folks always get away with murder. It is a sad commentary though. With a net worth of $1.8 million dollars a, $900k home, and a job she still just couldnt give the husband a break. This is just greed and the type of stuff that make most American males run for the hills when it comes to marriage. Declining marriage rates, increasing divorce there any wonder.