Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, the Peachtree is just 3 days away. This is the time where I stop the intense physical workouts and start working on my mental edge. This is where I have to convince myself that this race can be completed. The mental part of the Peachtree is a critical, yet hardly talked about factor. Last year, I was in the beginning stages of a bacterial infection so I ran the race in 80 minutes. It was the toughest Peachtree I’ve ever run. Andrea and I are running together for the first time in years so that should be fun…at least for me. Last year, I gained a lot of weight, some of it from my depression. I weighed over 200 pounds for the first time in my life and I could feel it. This year, I weigh about 190 pounds. I plan to return to form this time around.

We had dinner with Rusty and his children last night. It was terrific. Andrea cooked an amazing meal and the kids played really well together. I got to put the kids to bed since Andrea cooked. I actually volunteer to do it. I spent so little time with them when I was depressed and dealing with my issues that I’m trying to make up for that time. Ethan continues to hold me like I’m the rope at the beginning of the movie “Cliffhanger.” Avery continues to copy Ethan so that I’ll carry her too. We call that maneuver the “Double-Hold.” It’s a good workout. I carry about 70 pounds up a flight of stairs and then I vomit when I get to the top.

I realized at the pool the other night how much my life has changed since being an irresponsible guy in his twenties. I used to brag about getting phone numbers back then. The other night, I went to the pool and got a number…of a girl who could babysit our kids. Rock on, me!

I had a somewhat tough night last night. I had one of those coughs that people with CF understand. I didn’t feel awful but I couldn’t get rid of it and it kept causing Andrea to toss and turn so I went downstairs and drank some iced tea while I watched my third episode of SportsCenter just to make sure the Braves won…for the third time. I woke up on the couch at 6:00 A.M. and worked out and finished “Zombieland” for the second time. I then hung out with Ethan while I did my therapy. Andrea brought him down and he went right over to me and put his head on my leg. He’s so sweet in the morning. I then got Avery up after my therapy and she hung out with me while I got ready.

Andrea and I played ping pong the other day and she beat me for the first time in a while. I acted like it was no big deal but it still stings. She’s really good. She’s the tennis player in the family now. That used to be my role. I’m now the softball player who feeds the dog and fish and lets the kids jump all over him.

Ok, so here is my “I’m a loser moment.” The last few years I have watched the Bachelorette. I find it hilarious to see all of the losers on there. And after watching it, I’m thinking I could write a quick 10 rules on how to get the girl.
1) Never piss off the rest of the guys because they’ll sell you out.
2) No cheesy pickup lines. This would have been a tough one for me to pass up.
3) Don’t have a girlfriend going in.
4) Don’t let her meet your parents. Hire actors to play your parents. I’d hire Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. That might be believable.
5) Play hard to get. Don’t ask for her hand in marriage the first night.
6) When they do the rose ceremony and you get a rose, don’t use a cheesy line like “I’d be glad to accept it. You made me smile today.” Just say “Thanks, this will look great in the trash can in my bedroom.” See, there’s the “hard to get” language again.
7) Write a poem for her BUT NEVER READ IT IN FRONT OF THE GUYS…and make it rhyme.
8) When Chris says “This is the final rose of the evening,” don’t shout out “Dude, we know. Why don’t you come up with something new you loser!”
9) Don’t cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10) And finally, when she says “Tell me everything about you,” leave out the part where you’ve been divorced 4 times, have 6 children from 5 different women and you’re only on the show for the 15 minutes of fame. Those are what you’d call party fouls.

In other news, I’m looking forward to seeing some good friends on Friday night for dinner and maybe a movie. I’m looking forward to seeing several different people this weekend. I was able to talk to a few friends who go through the same thing as me this week. I was happy that a few of them were doing well. Unfortunately some of them were not.

Well, that’s it for today. I am looking forward to a fun, safe holiday weekend with Andrea and the kids. I want to wish all of you good health and much happiness.

Best Wishes,



  1. Hi Andy,

    I'm so glad that you posted this web-site address on Facebook, as I have an adorable 13 year old cousin who also has CF. She is so special and appreciates life much more than the rest of us. Once I saw her stand outside in the rain, just loving how it felt on her skin and breathing in the fresh air. I've also seen her give herself some treatments, and I admire you both for how rough and time consuming those are everyday.

    I plan to give my cousin and her parents your web site address, as I actually mentioned you to them one time after we first connected on Facebook. I told them that you're married with kids, and they were thrilled to hear that someone with CF is coping so well with their situation. I see how rough things are for you now too, but I'm so happy that your athletic pursuits, fundraising and speaking engagements seem to be thriving. I'm truly proud to know you.

    I can remember our date (or a few, my 20s seem so long ago....) when we had a nice time together, but realized that we just weren't romantically compatible. I remember your saying that you thought I was very nice, and you wanted to set me up with a friend of yours. He was also a nice guy (but we didn't pan out) but I was still very flattered that you thought that highly of me. Now, I live in Washington, D.C. with a wonderful husband, adorable pug, and a baby girl on the way.

    I'm sure that IVF must have been very difficult for you and your wife, but I'm so happy that those treatments were successful. We also went through a variety of procedures, but after taking a frustrated break, we conceived on our own. I think those struggles bring a couple closer together. However, it sucks that things were so complicated for both of us, doesn't it?

    I wish you much happiness and good luck with the Peachtree race. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    Melissa Greenfield Temkin

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention what a huge Bachelorette fan I am. That Justin shmuck should be ashamed of himself. My bets are on Kirk. I never went for the redheads, but I think he's the best guy for her.

    I think Craig may have been a member of the tribe-- lawyer, wore cufflinks, sweet face- generally tribal traits. Wasn't surprised she ditched him though. He was a bit too warm and fuzzy for her.

    Looking forward to the finale!