Friday, July 16, 2010

We found an agent...and I found my bully!

Good news! I have found a literary agent who will work with me and my team to get The Drive at 35 published. This was a long process but finally we have reached the next step. This is very exciting. Also today we got good news that singer/songwriter Garth Brooks will be writing a foreword. He will be joined by a few other celebrities who will be writing forewords. These individuals will be announced in the next few weeks.

In other exciting news, we have found our third babysitter. The first 2 dropped out. Ah, the life of a parent. Saturday is back on.

Looking forward to going to the Braves game tonight with Ethan and of course our 1st place Braves. He's going to have so much fun...until we leave in the 3rd or 4th inning when he climbs on the chair and starts beating me with his Tomahawk and laughing. He is definitely getting some Braves merchandise though before we leave.

I took a picture today. This is Ethan and me. Notice the picture he's holding. That's an ad my Aunt Susie worked on for a school project for the CF Foundation. The model you ask? That's me when I was just a few years older than Ethan. Back then, most people didn't think that kid would grow up to be a father. Heck, at that time, half the children in the world with CF were not even living to the age of 18.

In other news, I was writing another notice about this blog today on Facebook so that everyone could hear the good news and follow the blog. I happened to look up the babysitter who beat me as a kid. Wouldn't you know that I found him? Apparently he is now on Facebook. Now I'm deliberating whether I should contact him or just leave it alone. He's in his forties now. I'm in my mid-thirties. Can I just let it go? I just feel like I never got closure and that's an issue for me. I'll continue to think about it. I just wanted to hear some of your feedback.

Andrea has a tennis match on Sunday. She's become the superstar tennis player of the house. I might start bringing my junior trophies upstairs just to hint to her that I had my glory days, but I'm not that competitive. Ok, I'll be putting a box together tonight.

I e-mailed my counselor from the rehab facility I attended last year and got a response. She was happy to hear how well I was doing and wished me well. Sadly I've only heard from a few of my friends there. Most of them have not kept in contact and I'm afraid that's because they relapsed and have returned. I hope I'm wrong. Each day I feel like I have gotten stronger. I talk to friends in similar predicaments. I stay busy with work, friends and family.

I'm so lucky to be alive and on the right track. I am also lucky because I am in love with an amazing woman. I truly can't wait to see Andrea when I get home. I have enclosed a picture of my beautiful wife as well. I can't wait to see Avery and Ethan either. I have enclosed a picture of them sitting with daddy while I was doing my therapy. I'm sure Ethan will hang on to my leg and say "Uppy Dad! Uppy!" Avery will say "Daddy, I am playing with my dolls. You can get a hug later." Can't wait till she's a teenager.

Well, have a good weekend and I'll continue to give updates on the book.

Best Wishes,



  1. Andy, good deal with the agent!

    If in reality you're going to keep thinking about the bully, go ahead and contact him, but not to tell him he's pathetic...he already knows it. IMHO, just keep it brief, say something like, "I don't know what kind of problems you were dealing with in life back then, but your actions were wrong. Do you want to apologize?" Good chance it's one of those things in his life he regrets. If not, leave it at that and be ready to move on (guaranteed his life isn't so swell if that's his attitude) took the bold move to confront him and give him a chance to make some amends. Balls in his court & you have better things to do.

    Take care. -Jay

  2. Congrats on the agent!! YAY!!!! Who is this guy and can I beat his a$$?? Thanks! What do you think you would say to him? I agree with Jay that he is pathetic and prob a loser. He either has not thought about it because he is a piece of sh*t or he keeps it in the back of his mind and would like to say sorry. I DEFINITELY would confront him. I would say something along the lines of do you remember me bc you sure left a mark on me. What you did when we were kids was unacceptable and it has not left my head and would like to know if you remember doing that and appologize. Granted we are much older now but I still have it on my shoulders and would like for you to man up to it.

    This is your lil sis' point of view haha