Tuesday, July 6, 2010


First off, enjoy the picture of Avery (Credit for this picture goes to Andrea and apparently Dr. Dre).

Today I started my Tobi which means 2 more hours of treatments per day for the next 28 days. That means fifty-six more hours of therapy this month. That means a few things. 1) I'll have to wake up extremely early every morning. 2) Andrea will have to take the kids a little longer in the mornings. 3) I will win 5 more Super Bowls on Madden Football.

It's frustrating to add those two hours meaning I'll be doing a total of about 4 hours of treatments per day. That's 1/6 of my day right there. You can see why many CF patients don't have full-time jobs, but I do. So 4 hours of treatments, 8 hours of work and 6 hours of sleep don't leave much time for fun so these are the months I take advantage of my time with the kids and Andrea. I feel fortunate though because there are a lot of CF patients out there who have to do a lot more treatments and have to use Oxygen tanks to assist them.

My depression seems to increase when I'm on Tobi because I do tend to spend a lot more time by myself and also because I get very frustrated with the amount of time I have to do my treatments. Sometimes being by myself for long periods of time can be dangerous. It allows me to think and when I'm depressed I tend to think negatively. I will remind myself to say the Serenity prayer which is a prayer that is supposed to release the stress from my body. It worked at the Peachtree. I said it a few times when my body wanted to quit.

I think I'll be fine this time. I learn everyday how I want to live my life in a positive way and how I want to give my family the best Andy I can give them. Not only do they deserve that, but I deserve that too.

Thanks for reading my blog. I wish all of you a good day.



  1. Good luck in your treatment Andy, I'm sure it will be fine and go quickly!

  2. TOBI is supposed to take 15 minutes each time you take it, are you sure you have the right compressor? Devilvess or something like that, you can ask your doctor...