Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 10 ways to view the world positively

Occasionally you'll meet someone who will bring you down and make you feel like you're worthless. Occasionally you'll look in the mirror and see a person you never wanted to see. Life is never easy and there are plenty of moments when we wish we could just jump into a well and never climb back up. I've been there. I know that many of you have been there too. My purpose for writing these 10 ways to stay positive is not to anoint myself as the king of positivity. It's to let you know that there are different ways to look at situations to make them easier to deal with. You can take a negative and make it a positive. There is a great line from Rudy where Rudy's friend tells him that his dad always told him that "Having dreams makes life tolerable." I viewed that statement as saying that through the tough times, we need to keep our faith that things aren't so bad. I hope these 10 ways to stay positive will not only show you that things aren't so bad but they actually show you that they're pretty damn good.

Top 10 ways to stay positive:

1. Some people view failures as negative consequences of trying and not
succeeding…I view them as learning experiences.

2. Some people view having a disease as being a victim. I see it as being a survivor or even a fighter.

3. Some people say they struggle with their disease. I say I battle my disease.

4. Some people say life is unfair. I am grateful to be living.

5. Some people define living as breathing. I define it as much more than that.

6. Some people think losing is the worst thing that can happen to someone. I think it’s quitting that is far worse.

7. Some people think a disease steals your normalcy. I believe that it brings you an opportunity to make a difference.

8. Some people view depression as a negative. I view a failure to act against depression as a negative.

9. Some people view mistakes as daggers. I view them as opportunities to learn.

10. Some people have a disease. I will never let my disease have me.

Now go kick some ass!



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