Friday, January 4, 2013

Today's appointment results

First off, thank you for all of the kind words that everyone sent me going into today. Anyone who has been through a disease or a personal issue knows how important it is to feel like you're not dealing with it alone. I always feel comfort from Andrea, my kids, my parents and my sister but it was wonderful to have so many positive messages sent to me yesterday and this morning.

I remember a month ago when I got the news that my numbers were slipping and I was very disappointed. Despite doing TOBI treatments that month, I woke up a bit earlier and hit the gym. I made this video to motivate me. I promised I wouldn't reveal it until after my next appointment. Here you go. This was from early December.

As promised, I used the picture of Andrea and the kids for motivation today.

Here were the results from this morning and a personal thank you from me to you.

Grateful to have so many great and caring friends,



  1. Hey Andy!! It's been awhile since I left you a comment. But just letting you know I am following you every post. You are a true inspiration. I hope your appt went well. The video didn't have any of your clinic results. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Keep up the great work Andy, I know you've got everything it takes :-) Much love man!

  3. I just posted a comment on your post from Thursday thinking TODAY was Thursday, and then I saw this post. I'm so confused with my days! lol Anyway, great news on your appt!! I'm glad that it went well! The power of prayer is something no one can deny!