Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Falcons, Lance and everything sports

Most of you know that I love sports so I'm using this blog to discuss my feelings on this week's topics.

1) Lance Armstrong - I have a problem with the fact that he not only lied but blamed people and tried to make others look bad. Now he's admitting his banned substance use because he wants to compete in triathlons and more bike races. I have a problem with that. America loves comeback stories. Trust me. This isn't one. I thank him for all he has done for cancer patients but as far as Lance the man, I don't think he deserves a comeback story.

2) The Falcons - I nearly called the final score on my last blog and almost called how the game would go. I'm going to try this again. Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Mike Smith and the entire team removed a huge monkey off their back by finally winning a playoff game. They are also at home. SF is ridiculously good and John Abraham will need to be a force for the Falcons to have any shot. I believe that this will be a very close game. If this was played in SF, I'd pick the 49ers to crush the Falcons but it's not. I believe the Falcons trail most of the game but Kaepernick finally makes a big mistake to cost the Niners the game.

Falcons 26
49ers 24

Falcons vs. Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Rise up!!!


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