Thursday, January 3, 2013

10 things I've learned from Bowl Games

10. Directional schools should never be allowed to be in BCS games. See NORTHERN Illinois.

9. If a team loses by more than 40 points, they should be given a one-year bowl ban. See Purdue who played in the Heart of Dallas Bowl though they showed no heart.

8. There are way too many meaningless bowls. Just put together a 16 team tournament with the top 16 teams in the country. Ratings will go crazy and we won't have to watch Mississippi State play Northwestern anymore.

7. I want to come up with some new names for bowls with horrible match-ups: Kent State vs. UTEP in the Home Depot Toilet Bowl on ESPN 8 the Ocho.

6. I think there should be a non-televised bowl that pits the 2 best teams on probation. And they should play at Alcatraz. It's Miami, Florida vs. Ohio State live from Alcatraz in the U.S. Bail Bonds Bowl. The loser gets another year of probation. That adds the excitement even though you can't watch the game.

5. Alaska should get a bowl game and it should be the 2 most undeserving teams that go. Maybe Prairie View A&M vs. Texas A&M - Corpus Christie.

4. If a team is in the Top 10 but does not get in a BCS Bowl, they should be able to choose the bowl they go to and the team they play. It's the Georgia Bulldogs and the Kansas City Chiefs live from Honalulu. Georgia is a 2 point favorite.

3. The National Championship game should automatically have a spot for the SEC Champion until someone finally beats an SEC team in the title game.

2. I think all of the bowls should be on the same day like the old days. Spreading out the games is not exciting at all.

1. And the number one thing I learned from watching the bowl games this year is that none of them matter except for one and that's just sad. Can't wait for the playoff system!!!

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  1. Don't be hatin' on my Huskies ;) (Even though they did play like crap!)