Friday, August 17, 2012

The week that was...

It was a very busy week for me. I had a nice dinner with my sister Monday night. I got to meet her dog Diesel. I have attached a picture. Very sweet dog but very big too. I have to recommend Zoe's Kitchen. I'd never had it before. The food was really good and also healthy. Em, thanks for having me over.

On Tuesday, we had Ethan's doctor's appointment. He is doing terrific. Funny story though. The other day we're at dinner and the Olympics are on. Avery says to Ethan, "You're not rooting for China, are you?" Ethan responded "Yes." Avery responded back "EEEEE-than!" I don't think Ethan even knows what China is other than the food mommy and daddy order most Sundays.

On Wednesday, I had my first Terry Board Meeting Dinner in Buckhead. It was great. I met a lot of wonderful people. It made me wonder how I was chosen after seeing so many great people involved. I hope to play a significant role in keeping the UGA business school as one of the best in the country.

On Thursday, I had a 7am speech to attend and a 9am board meeting to attend. I got to hear Falcons President Rich McKay speak at the Terry Third Thursday in Buckhead. He was received very well. At the board meeting, I had a great surprise. One of the new members was a high school classmate of mine. I had no idea. I also met a guy who used to play defensive end for Air Force and he got to tell me what it was like to tackle Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. I asked him question after question about football as I love hearing these stories. All I could come back with after his Marshall Faulk story was I loved the movie "We are Marshall."

This is still TOBI month so I must say that I'm a bit exhausted. An extra 80 minutes of treatments per day will do that to you. I'm trying to live my life though. I don't want to take the month of TOBI off and use it as an excuse but sometimes it's difficult not to.

I also notice that my attitude is not as good during the months I'm on TOBI and I'm less likely to contact my friends. I have been using TOBI month to watch some new shows. I'm currently following "Hard Knocks" on HBO which covers the Miami Dolphins. It's a pretty cool show. I've also been watching several movies (which I've reviewed in one of my earlier blogs this month) like "The Rock," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Goodfellas" and "The Kids are All Right."

My birthday is coming up in a month and I always get the question "What do you want for your birthday?" Usually I say don't get me anything. I never like getting presents but this year I decided to think what would Andy Lipman really like and the answers may be disappointing.

5. A generator - when the power goes out, I want to have a way to do my therapy and not worry that the power is not coming on for a while. It's probably not the first gift most people would want.

4. A robot babysitter for the kids - when Andrea and I want to go out, it would be nice to just say "Robot Babysitter, watch the children." A man can dream.

3. A Super Bowl, World Series, College Football Championship or an NBA Title from one of my local teams - of the 3 birthday wishes I've mentioned so far - this one seems like the least likely to happen (even less likely than the robot).

2. The Back to the Future DeLorean - I want to go back in time and win the spelling bee in 4th grade. I should have known there was not an "a" in invisible. I could also tell Evander Holyfield to cover his ear when he fights Tyson, tell Robert Kardashian that being a high profile attorney in the OJ case might affect his children's need for publicity and tell Ted Turner not to sell the Braves.

1. I want a mind eraser that can erase the following movies that I wasted hours seeing during my lifetime. Those movies are below with a review:

"In Love and War": I saw this in college when I was dating my girlfriend. I was double-dating with my friend Seth. I remember looking at him after this movie and thinking "if I don't tell anyone we were at this movie and you don't tell anyone, do you think we can get our man cards back?"

"North": I was working at a movie theater at the time and managed to sit through this movie. They should have called it "South" because that's where the reviews went. Horrible, horrible movie. I'm glad to see Elijah Wood recovered. That makes one of us.

"From Justin to Kelly": I have not seen this whole movie but only because I had a remote control. I could tell from the few minutes that I did see it that if I had been in the theater, I would have run out screaming "I want to change my vote on American Idol!"

"Jaws: The Revenge": This one hurts to mention because I love a great shark movie and a great horror movie but not a horrible shark movie. If Roy Scheider was alive, he would have turned over in his grave. A shark coming back for revenge against a family in the Bahamas? I wonder what the reaction was from the production company when they saw the script. I would have at least renamed it "Jaws: The Revenge...Against Everyone who Loved the first 3 movies."

"Glitter": Saw 5 minutes of it. Can't imagine what 2 hours must have been like. I would have watched 5 seconds but my remote's batteries ran low and I had to replace them. It was an awful experience. Mariah, you are no Streisand. Heck, you're no Madonna.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope you get to browse the blogs from the past few weeks and send in your comments. Have a good weekend!


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  1. Andy, I like the birthday wish list here. I had a lot of laughs or I said yes thats on my list as well. The generator one is on my list as well as the sports one. Hope you have a great birthday!