Saturday, September 4, 2010

To my friends on my 37th birthday

This was an incredible day. I woke up to several e-mails wishing me a Happy Birthday. The number escalated throughout the day to over 200. I also got a few calls too. I was thrilled. I'm not great with birthdays. I haven't had much luck with them for one. Number two, as hard as it is to believe, I don't like to be the center of attention for something I have not earned. I believe my birthday was the day I was born and that's about it. When I was younger, I was scared to turn a year older because I looked at it as another year closer to CF killing me. I know that's morbid but that's how I thought.

Still this one was different. It was the first time I equaled the median life expectancy for someone with CF. I spent the night before celebrating my anniversary with Andrea. We had a great time at dinner. The next morning I got to spend some time with the kids. Then my parents and Em came over. It was so great to see everyone and everyone looked terrific especially my dad. A few hours later, I took Avery to see Toy Story 3. I told Andrea that's what I wanted to do on my birthday. The funny thing was that Avery fell asleep on the way there but when we got in the parking lot, she immediately awoke and said "Daddy, I slept in the car so I wouldn't sleep in the movie." Is she really just 4?

Thirty-seven was never supposed to get here. My parents told me that doctors were hesitant to say that I'd see my teens. So the eve before my 37th birthday, I started a Facebook group called "Cystic fibrosis was supposed to take me as a kid, yet here I am." And in one day there are already about 100 members. Looks like the median life expectancy will be increasing again soon.

Andrea got me a really cool gift that will enable me to enjoy more Braves games even when I am not near a television. It's called Slingbox. I just hope the Braves make the playoffs so I can take advantage of her generosity.

I was proud of my Bulldogs for winning against UL-Lafayette. Not much of a test I know but I loved the fire that our new defensive coordinator showed when we allowed the only points we'd allow all day. Aaron Murray, our redshirt freshman QB, looked great as well.

This is my favorite time of year: October baseball, the start of college football and the NFL and the temperatures in Atlanta lowering so that I can actually walk outside without sweating like a Richard Simmons commercial.

Friday we got our pictures back from Charleston and Melissa did an amazing job. If you want a great photographer in the Charleston area, please let me know. I will recommend my high school friend highly. I am enclosing a picture that Andrea actually shot though. She may not be a professional, but she takes some terrific pictures too. Avery looks totally angelic here.

Well, that's it. It is now September 5th and I am 37 years and 1 day. I guess that means I'm now beating the median life expectancy. I guess I can truly say that I am OFFICIALLY beating cystic fibrosis today.

Have a good one and thanks again for the special wishes. I wish them for each of you as well.

Andy...37 and still going...


  1. Glad you had an incredible birthday Andy. You're incredible. All the best always.