Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's up Doc?

I'm heading to the doctor this Friday.

The picture above is what came up under Google when I typed in doctor.

This is what I envision though.

I return to the doctor after a 12-week absence. I'm hoping the news will be good. Last time, my numbers went up a little but they still weren't at my baseline. I've gained a few more pounds (mostly muscle) as my doctor advised. The thing about cystic fibrosis though is it doesn't care if you're as positive as Tony Robbins or as muscular as Hulk Hogan. All it cares about is destroying your lungs and your digestive system. I have been working my tail off the last 6 months including using a personal trainer for 3 months. Every morning, I am now jumping rope 100 times, running from 4.0 to 8.0 on the treadmill and working out with weights. On Sunday, I don't lift weights but I still work out my abs, run and jump rope. God may rest on Sunday but people with cystic fibrosis can't afford to.

I have a few other reasons to stay healthy.

I can always tell when my appointment is coming up. I'm a lot moodier during the week and this week is no exception as Andrea and the kids will probably attest to. I think it's just my fighter's mentality that is coming out. I work out a lot harder the week of my appointment as well. I constantly question if there is anything I'm not doing that I could be doing to improve my lung function. The answer I'm sure is always yes but I feel I get the most out of myself in the 24 hours I get everyday.

The truth is that I'm not perfect although I sometimes hold myself to that standard. I did eliminate gummy bears from my diet but I still eat M&M's. I wish I could work out more than 30 minutes a day but with my 40-minute long therapy treatments twice a day, I can't afford an entire hour to work out.

I'm very good about doing my treatments and taking my pills. I'm on a streak that would make Cal Ripken, Jr. proud.

Yeah, but let's see you put on a vest for 80 minutes a day Cal.

I know that there is a chance I'll go in on Friday and the doctor will give me bad news. I am doing my pulmonary function tests and probably having my blood drawn for my glucose test to see if I have CF-related diabetes (CFRD). Preparing myself for bad news does not insinuate that I have a negative outlook. That's just the reality with having this disease. Still I know that I'm doing everything in my power to stay strong especially during this season which is typically when I'm at my worst healthwise. This freezing weather is not helping things. I know that with cystic fibrosis, and pardon the pun, that I'll always have a puncher's chance.

Avery said something that I posted on Facebook the other day that nearly had me in tears. I told her I couldn't make her school service Friday morning in which her class is leading. She told me "It's okay. It's more important that you go to the doctor and stay healthy so you can make more of these things." Before you think she's the sweetest child in the world, she also said something else the other day when someone asked where she got her blonde hair from. I said that I had blonde hair. Avery said, "I didn't get it from you. You have a lot of gray hair. I don't have gray hair." Little does she know she caused some of that gray hair and I'm sure she'll cause a lot more when she's a teenager.

By the way, who was the overall champ in the 7 and under gymnastics this past weekend? This girl. That's who. Sorry I have to brag as a proud father.

Avery Lipman - gymnastics star!

Regardless of what the doctors tell me on Friday, I'll continue to work hard, stay regimented and take the advice of my physicians. Most importantly, I will continue to live my life and be grateful for every moment that I get on this earth. My life isn't easy but there are tons of other people in this world that deal with far worse. I am blessed to have Andrea, the kids, my parents, my sister and a great group of friends and family.

T-minus 69 hours till I walk through Emory's doors.

Ring the damn bell!


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