Tuesday, January 7, 2014

25 predictions for 2014

I was reading how some people put $100 to $200 bets on Auburn to win the national title before the season with 450 to 1 odds. All of them came close to winning some serious cash. I thought "What are 25 things for 2014 that I would definitely bet on if Vegas took any bet?" Well, here you go:

25. Taylor Swift will write another song about another ex-boyfriend who hurt her feelings.

24. There will not be a single sports title amongst the 3 Atlanta pro teams (if you want to include the Dream, 4) and at least one of those teams will lose in heartbreaking fashion.

23. Dancing with the Stars will feature a few stars but most people we've never heard of.

22. Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox will not have a job by May.

21. Justin Bieber will un-retire and will say it's because the fans wanted him back.

20. Miley Cyrus will do something controversial.

19. Paul Rudd will star in multiple movies.

18. A politician will have an affair that gets ugly.

17. Peyton Manning will endorse something new.

16. A former child star will go to rehab.

15. The Chicago Cubs will not win the World Series.

14. Roger Federer will not win a grand slam in 2014.

13. The Kardashians will be on at least 60% of magazine covers at your local grocery store.

12. Tiger Woods will win a Major.

11. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn will get engaged.

10. Someone will claim to have found Big Foot but will have no proof.

9. A celebrity will come out with a sex tape.

8. Derek Jeter will announce that 2015 will be his final season.

7. Jennifer Anniston will find love...in the mirror.

6. This year's "The Bachelor" will be the most controversial season EVER per Chris Harrison.

5. Tony Gonzalez will return to the Falcons with a few games left to go after one last shot at a ring. They will fail.

4. Charlie Sheen will lose his kids and get them back.

3. There will be a re-make of a classic movie and it will suck.

2. Juan Pablo will propose on "The Bachelor" but they will be broken up by Dec 31, 2014.

1. And the number one thing I'd bet on in 2014, none of you will make a comment on this blog entry. Ha Ha! (If someone does, I reserve the right to change number 1).

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