Friday, February 1, 2013

Never be afraid to fail

Never Be Afraid to Fail

Never be afraid to fail,
Making the attempt is the key.
Failure may well determine
Success for you or me.

Have you ever heard these words?
"I don't want to take a chance."
People who find success,
Don't usually take that stance.

Success is a result
Of failures a plenty.
With every trophy earned
Losses, there are many.

In order to succeed,
Attitude is a must.
Dreams don't come true
Without a little trust.

For athletes to win a ring,
They first must come in last.
For politicians to gain office,
Defeats must fill their past.

Heroes were average Joe's
Before they were ever hailed.
Movie stars who won Oscars,
At one time must have failed.

There are options when you fail,
Get back up or quit.
The answer should be simple,
It's time to show some grit.

Though no one often brags,
About unsuccessful trials.
It's good to keep in mind,
The long journey and its miles.

Practice makes perfect,
We've heard it all before.
We each need to be rejected
So hearing "yes" means more.

Those who don't take risks,
Success is not their friend.
Breathing defines living,
Not a good message to send.

FAIL is a 4-letter word,
But not one that is bad.
In order to achieve happiness,
We must first have been sad.

All of us want to win,
Success is therefore yearned.
What we take from failure
Is an important lesson learned.

Failure is a good experience,
And that is the reason why...
The only real way to fail
Is when we refuse to try.

By: Andy Lipman...a failure many times more times than a success - and proud of all of the journeys!

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