Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A fun 10th Anniversary

Andrea and I were supposed to go to Italy to celebrate our 10th but we decided to do it next instead I brought Italy to Andrea. We went out this past Saturday night. I had a Disco Limo pick us up. There were purple and red colors flashing in the limo while all of these crazy music videos were being shown on the TV's. We went to La Pietra Cucina (I highly recommend it) in Midtown. After, we went to Flip Burger for our favorite milkshakes. It was so much fun.

Avery helped me wave down the limo when it got to our neighborhood. Ethan and Avery checked out the inside to make sure it was okay for mommy and daddy. It was definitely a 10th anniversary to remember.

And as the picture enclosed shows you, Andrea looked beautiful.

Andrea, I love you! Happy Anniversary!


P.S. Avery, thanks for keeping the secret.


  1. A disco limo?? That sounds really fun! Happy Anniversary!! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!! A limo to just the two of you?!?! AWESOME!!!

  3. Even though your 10th anniversary did not go as you planned, I think getting a limo for the event is a good idea. And from your story, it certainly looks like you celebrated a fun anniversary, not to mention a memorable one! The limo definitely added something different to the whole experience, and it added a bit of glitz and glamour to the special moment

    @Earnestine Novick