Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet 16 and a crazy week a comin'

Tomorrow is my 16th Peachtree Road Race. I'm looking forward to it although this will be the hottest Peachtree in recent memory. It's over 100 degrees here in Atlanta. Every year I look at the number of Peachtrees I've done and come up with a significance. My 16th Peachtree will be done in Wendy's memory. After all, she died after just 16 days. I hope as treatments continue to improve and a cure continues to close in that her memory will continue to incentivize researchers to end this disease forever and give so many other children a chance at longer, more quality lives.

This afternoon I'll be throwing the baseball around with my neighbor and his son as I prepare to throw out the first pitch on Thursday. I haven't thrown a baseball in a long time. I play softball but it's quite different. I figure it should only take me 15 minutes to know if the first pitch will be exhilerating or embarrassing.

Today I had to delete my Facebook account as it was hacked into and it was not worth starting over. For those of you who still want to follow my stuff, please go to the Wish for Wendy page. I'll start a new Facebook page in the future.

Today I became a Class of 2012 member of the 40 under 40 for the University of Georgia. Last year I was nominated but did not win. I want to thank my Aunt Loretta for nominating me this year. It's an honor to be one of the 40.

The articles written this week in the Buckhead Patch, the Huntington Post and the Atlanta Journal Constitution were well-written and appreciated. They detailed my journey with CF and the significance the Peachtree has had on my life. I want to thank the writers as well as my PR firm, Hope-Beckham. Here are some of the articles:



Last night we went to the Braves game with the kids. Avery and Ethan had a good time for the most part but it is difficult keeping kids' attention at this age. I don't think they watched a single batter for the Braves...consider them lucky. We got crushed. The night was a success for them though because they talked us in to getting cotton candy. I still can't believe that Dip & Dots are still around. Technically they did say it would be the ice cream of the future and it is still around so I guess they weren't lying. It's crazy to think that in a few days I'll be taking the mound and fortunately for the Braves, I'll have a pitch count of 1. I wonder what Braves is going to have to catch the pitch. They better stretch first.

I was thrilled to see the trades that Danny Ferry made for the Hawks. He is officially the best GM the Hawks have had and his first official season hasn't even started yet. He got rid of 2 ugly contracts and has put us in position to grab some high caliber talent prior to the 2013-2014 season. CP3 and Superman, come to the ATL please.

I was able to speak at the Atlanta Financial Center to the Atlanta Jaycees last week. I had a great time and really enjoyed the view. The group was terrific and I think I made some really great connections there. I also found out last week that I was named a Board Member at the Terry College Business School at the University of Georgia. I was thrilled to find out that news.

Andrea and I saw Earth, Wind & Fire last week. They were awesome. Andrea, thank you for taking me. I had an amazing time. There's nothing better than hearing "September" at Chastain.

Andrea, the kids and I went to SkyZone last Sunday in Suwanee. OH MY GOD! This is a place where you constantly jump on trampolenes and try to dunk basketballs and jump on walls. I thought I made it through unscathed but even 2 days later my shoulders are killing me, my lower back hurts and my feet feel like I just walked across the sun. I felt better when Avery said she was in pain too. I knew I couldn't blame it on getting older though we all know that it's part of it. Still I think I showed my daughter that her dad can still do flips and dunk basketballs with the best of them (Of course the best of them is me referring to older people like myself with greyish hair and 6 inch vertical jumps).

With my shoulders and back feeling like I lifted a U-Haul and preparing for the hottest Peachtree in years, I just can't wait to see how I feel when I throw out the first pitch. Maybe I'll be the first person to throw the pitch and then throw out my shoulder all at the same time.

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Independence Day and I hope all of you stay safe in this heat.


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