Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why my ego will never get the best of me

Before I begin, here is a picture of Andrea and the kids from last week when I got to throw out the first pitch. To check out my first pitch, go to and click on videos. It's included.

Now for today's funny story...

So Andrea bought a copy of the AJC the other day with the article about my fight against CF in it. I told her she didn't need to buy any extra copies but it was sweet of her to do so. She brought it to me as I was saying good night to Avery. Andrea said "You should read it to Avery." I thought Avery might be a little too young to understand but the girl is an old soul and sometimes I don't give her enough credit.

Anyway, I begin reading and halfway through I hear Avery say "Whoa...that's so cool!" I'm thinking to myself, "Avery thinks her dad is all that. I'm all of a sudden thinking I'm Ron Burgandy from Anchorman where he says 'I'm kind of a big deal.'"

As soon as I'm about to tell her, "Just wait, sweetie, there's more about your old man that you'll be excited to hear..." She said again "Whoa...that is just so cool!" She's captivated. Her father is her hero. My arrogance began to grow like a beanstalk when she finished the statement "Whoa, dad, that is so cool. Spiderman is coming out soon!" Low and behold, right below my article was a piece on the new Spiderman coming out. That was the story that was capturing my daughter's 6-year old attention.

Oh well, I supposed it could have been could have been Justin Bieber. I dread that day.

I hope everyone is well.


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  1. It's never a bad time for a humbling experience, is it? At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!