Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting ready for Missouri; A look back at my fight

Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to my speech in Missouri and I just solidified the plans for Ireland. Andrea will be joining me for this trip. We can't wait!

As far as P90X goes, I'm down to 177 pounds and am working out like a fiend. I worked out for 40 minutes this morning plus I ran in place for 17 minutes while doing my therapy. Then at lunch today, I swam 14 laps, ran a mile and rode the bike for 3 miles. At 38, an age I wasn't supposed to get to with cystic fibrosis, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my entire life. I enclosed a picture that I took this morning because I look back at the picture of me as a young kid (also enclosed) and I see that I always had that fight in me. It just took a while before I finally let it out. Back then, no one thought CF could stand for Cure Found; more likely people assumed it stood for Can't Fight. Now while there is no cure yet, all of us Can Fight and Will Fight!

Thanks to all of you who have bought a book. The sales have been really good. We just eclipsed over $10K in book sales. If you'd like a signed copy of "The Drive at 35," please click the link Thanks.

Wish for Wendy received a grant for 2012 as well for $25K so we were thrilled about that. We'll start the planning for 2012 in late April. It's a nice start to the year.

To those of you who are having health issues, keep fighting. To those of you who are doing well, don't let up. To those of you feel that life is unfair, there is someone out there doing far worse than you who believes the opposite. Stay strong.

Live your dreams and Love your life,


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