Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to what made this blog special

I have decided that while I support my friend Andrea and believe in her very much and I loved Rusty very much that continuing to talk about this topic is not the purpose of my blog. This subject is extremely controversial and while it works for some blogs, it doesn't work for mine. That's not why people signed up.

The purpose of my blog is to give hope to people who are suffering with disease or emotional distress. In the future, starting today in fact, I will focus on what I do to stay strong with a terminal genetic disorder.

Thank you to those of you who gave your opinions whether they were pro-Andrea or not. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. I hope that my friends and the followers of this blog understand my reasons for ceasing talk about this case. I just feel that the reason I started this blog is being compromised and it can't go on any further. I know that Rusty loved my blog and he always told me to keep writing about things that will inspire others. Buddy, I remember your words and starting today, that's indeed what I shall do.

I hope that everyone is well. Live your dreams and love your life!



  1. Good for you Andy, you said what was on your mind at that moment, that's part of a blog too. Your blog is indeed inspirational, but it covers your life in general and this trial became a part of your life. But of course it doesn't define your blog. Bravo for all of your entries. Keep on blogging, keep on keeping on!

  2. I congratulate you on your decision. I may not have always agreed with you regarding this case but I support you for standing by a friend. I wish you and your family good health.

  3. I hope my comments are not upsetting to you. I just believe Andrea knows more than she is saying and that disturbs me. You seem like a first class guy and I hope you have good luck with this blog.

    Keep the faith and good luck. I honestly hope you are right about Andrea. I just cant get rid of this nagging feeling.