Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's stop the sensationalism

I get nauseas when I read the stories about Rusty's alleged killer (I refuse to use his name in my blog), Rusty and Andrea in the papers. I am annoyed how the press is getting private information from sources. You want to paint a picture? Here's a picture. Two wives lost their husbands. Several children lost their fathers. One wonderful man will never get a chance to see his two children graduate from college, marry and have their own children. All because one man gutlessly killed my friend.

I'm amazed how the press is spinning this story. Isn't it tough enough that my friend Andrea lost her husband, best friend and as she called him "her one true love?" No, apparently it's not. The press is spinning this into some Lifetime movie while Andrea's friends know the truth. Andrea loved Rusty with all of her heart. They were college sweethearts. I saw Andrea grabbing her husband's coffin, begging for all of this to be a bad dream, as it sank several feet below the earth. I saw her in shambles. I know how much she loved Rusty.

More importantly I saw these two when Rusty was alive. Their love was evident to everyone who knew them. I loved them as a couple and now sadly because of one man's (and yes, one man's) horrible act, I'll have to love them separately for now on.

This case is being sensationalized in the news. Let me give you one example. The articles have said that after Sneiderman's death, Andrea and her boss had "continuous conversations." Let me see. Something horrible happens in your life that means you'll be out of work for an undisclosed period of time. Whatever you do, don't call your boss, right? Of course you do. He will need to know how long you're gone or if he'll need to replace you for a short term or even the long term. He'll need to tell his other employees where shiva is being sat or how to donate in her husband's name. Just think about how much that makes sense.

Andrea Sneiderman is my friend. I will be on her bandwagon forever. I love her. I support her. And I'm so sorry she not only has to deal with the loss of her husband, her best friend and the father of her children, but she also has to deal with this in the media where this story is being totally twisted. By the way, Andrea did not ask me to write this. I'm writing this because I'm fed up from reading about this story and I'm sick of getting calls from the media for my "opinion" about what happened.

The right person is in jail. I will leave it there. I'm so sorry for the children in both families. They will have to live with this story long after it is out of the papers. They will have to explain to their friends and future husbands/wives what happened to their fathers. No one should have to do that.

All I'm asking is that you reserve judgment and put yourself in Andrea Sneiderman's shoes. If you can handle this traumatic event with half the class that she has, I will be impressed.

Andrea, ignore the naysayers. Your friends and family love you. Stay strong. And to the man who allegedly killed my friend and destroyed two families and several friends' lives in the process, I speak for Rusty when I say "You will get yours."



  1. you writer of this article SHOULD KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN!

  2. I don't think the AJC is doing anything but reporting what the police are taking an interest in. As far as the blogger keeping his mind open, he doesn't have to ignore what he knows about his friend just because "Paula" is suspicious.

  3. I'm proud of you for standing up for your friend. Many people rush to judgement. Andrea has suffered enough and should be allowed to mother her children and grieve in peace. God bless you for standing up for her.

  4. If I were Andrea I'd need a friend to stand up for me and stand by me, just as this blogger is doing. Who knows the outcome? Were u there? I doubt don't rush to judgement. What does it matter anyway? As pointed out, this wife needs support, the children need support. It is his choice to support them and defend them. I say way to go Andy!