Friday, April 20, 2012

Going to the doctor today

I sit here now waiting for my dreaded doctor's appointment. I know I'm not 100%. It feels like trying to breathe through a coffee straw right now. I'm not looking forward to what my doctor is going to say and I don't look forward to a new dose of antibiotics while still finishing my month of TOBI.

Enough with the self-pity though. I know I'm coughing more. I could tell from my runs this week. I'm ready to accept that my numbers will be down, however; I'm not willing to accept that cystic fibrosis is beating me. I'm ready for the challenge. I will make CF stand for Can Fight!

In other news, the CF video should be done next week. I'm speak at Marist in mid-September. I will be throwing out the first pitch at the July 5th Cubs-Braves game.

Lots of exciting things coming up. I just have to get better first.

Wishing everyone good health.


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