Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today's blogger MVPs are my wife Andrea, my sister Emily, her boyfriend Justin and my stepfather-in-law Glenn. Thanks to my team too. I got hit on the wrist by a 90 mph fastball from our terrific SS, who incidentally used to pitch in the Dodgers organization. If I were a MLB first baseman, I probably catch that ball but I'm an old rec player so the ball tagged me on the wrist. Several OF on the team said they could hear the pop from where they were standing. My sister and her boyfriend picked me up at the field as I waited in the rain and lightning. Thanks to my friend Drew who let me hang out in his car while I waited.

The hospital photograph can be credited to Andrea. The highlight was when the doctor came in and looked at my chart, looked at me again and then down at my chart again. Andrea asked "What?" He showed it to her and she laughed. They had me as a female. Looks like I had a case of the Mondays.

Andrea and her stepdad met us at the hospital where the final analysis was a bad bone bruise, a week wearing a splint and seeing my Braves fall in extra innings. I got home just before 1am this morning. Here's the strange thing. I had a dream the night before that I needed surgery.

Anyway, I'm fine and won't seek out sympathy...except from my kids and Andrea and possibly the fine people at My Friends Place in Duluth where I dine several times a week. Maybe I'll get an extra fruit cup out of it.

Oh, and incidentally, Off the Bench won and we are slowly moving up the standings. I know that was your first question, right? I also worked out this morning but I only used my right arm to lift.

I have cut my CF routine a bit to give myself a break. I have removed Pulmozyme from my nightly therapy to give me an extra 20 minutes off. It has really helped me get more rest and hang out with my family more. Honestly, it also prevents me from procrastinating from doing all of my stuff because I don't have to dwell about the length of time my therapy takes at night. The doctor okayed the change. I do some of my meds at work now before I go home and just charge my portable machine here.

Andrea and I had a great weekend as well. We got to spend a lot of quality time together in a very relaxing place without the kiddos. Thanks to my in-laws for watching them. The coolest thing was that we got to see a lot of amazing waterfalls and got to see nature at its finest.

I'm in a good place both emotionally and physically (other than my forearm). I plan to be back on the field next Monday.

I hope everyone had a great Passover and a Happy Easter.

T-minus 63 days till my 20-year reunion. Is it time to start picking out a wardrobe? Ha Ha!


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