Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Humbled by an award and I need a nebulizer!

First off, for those who read my blog talking about "taking a break from CF stuff" and were concerned that Wish for Wendy was over. Not a chance. I still plan to keep this tournament going until there's a cure or until my health is just not well enough that I cannot run the event anymore. I just meant that I needed a break for a few months once the event is over and want to focus less on CF in my life.

I was really proud to win a Turknett award last week. Among the nominees was Shirley Franklin, the former Mayor of Atlanta. It was great to have my friends there and to enjoy the award with them. I didn't think there was any way in the world I would win. Andrea will attest that I was actually eating my dessert when my name was called. I think you can detect a smidge of chocolate pudding on my face in the winning picture.

The "I need a nebulizer" video is attracting a lot of interest. We already have 5,000+ views in less than a week. It's pretty cool stuff. I'm more happy with the comments that people really appreciated being represented in the video.

The Braves clinched the division and will likely host a postseason series. I'm looking forward to a deep playoff run and hope it's not a quick one-series and out like it has been the past 10 or so years. Revenge for the Infield Fly Call!

Andrea, Avery, Ethan and I went to Dollywood for the weekend. We had a blast. The kids loved the roller coasters and water slides. I can't say I agree with them as I was scared to death. My daughter loves roller coasters so apparently I better get used to this. I disappointed myself by not winning a single big stuffed animal during the carnival games. I believe that I've lost my touch. By the way, Dollywood is open from 10 to 6. Wouldn't you think with one of Dolly Parton's most successful movies being 9 to 5 that those hours would be different. Oh well.

Andrea and I make our debut on Bravo tonight at 10pm (September 24th). We are on Emily's new show "The New Atlanta." Check it out if you get a chance.

It's a big sports weekend in Atlanta. The Braves, Dawgs and Falcons are all playing locally. All 3 still have something to play for. The Dawgs are in a top 10 Gameday matchup with LSU. The Braves are playing for homefield. The Falcons are looking to get off the snide against the Patriots Sunday night. Even Georgia Tech has a big home game on Thursday night against Virginia Tech. One thing is for sure. Tech will win.

I hope that everyone is well and make sure if you haven't already to check out "I need a nebulizer" and retweet and forward the heck out of it.




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