Thursday, October 25, 2012

the sadness of weddings

I was at my cousin Jeffrey's wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful event and the celebration was wonderful. I was happy for my cousin. Still I find it difficult getting old.

I know I'm only 39 but I'm not really talking about me. I saw several family members who have aged or gotten sick. I remember those same people on the dance floor years ago and now they can hardly get out of their chairs. It's difficult to watch people get old. It's difficult to see a new generation of people at these weddings and another generation either not able to travel or who have already passed on. A few years ago, we lost Jerry, Jeffrey's dad and my uncle. Before that we lost my grandpa Leon, before that my grandpa Carl and before that my grandmother Ethel.

The amazing thing is that my grandmother is nearly 90 years old and she is still walking around, talking to people and even dancing a little bit. She makes me feel young but I know one day she will be gone.

I guess seeing all of the older people around me reminds me that I'm getting old. I never thought that would even happen but now I have to prepare for it. I remember seeing my aunts and mom take a picture at the wedding, all of them a little older since my wedding (the picture attached is me, my parents and Emily at my wedding) and a lot older since my Bar Mitzvah where the same pictures were taken. I thought of the movie "A League of Their Own" when everyone gets back together years after they played baseball together.

Part of life is growing old...if we are lucky. Life changes as we age. Responsibility grows. Priorities change. I remember when I was the oldest cousin of 8 (including me and Emily). Now, it's my daughter who is the oldest of her cousins of 7 (including herself and Ethan).

Congrats again to my cousin Jeffrey and his new wife Jessica.


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