Friday, February 25, 2011

The book is closer to becoming a reality and other news...

Before I begin, the first 2 pictures are of Ethan (the pimp) and Avery (the swimsuit model).The third picture is what happens when your aunt gives your daughter an array of dress-up clothes and you are the only "model" in the house.

I wanted to report that I'm doing very well. Things haven't been this well in a long time. Still I recognize that with my emotional issues, that it only takes one thing to happen for me to spiral out of control so I have to be on top of things.

Here are a list of the good things. We had a nice birthday dinner with Avery, Andrea's dad and his girlfriend, my parents and one of Avery's best friends. Everyone in our family is really healthy so we're blessed with that news.

I will hopefully have a deal with a publisher today or Monday which would mean publication of my new book The Drive at 35 in early 2012. I did an extensive revision this week and I feel like the book flows better than it ever has. I can't wait to put it in print and hopefully help a lot of people that deal with not only physical issues but emotional issues as well.

I'm enjoying playing tennis with my buddy Will. We may not have a winning record but it's nice driving to the ends of the earth to play matches and catch up on our lives. Will is a really good friend to have. Sunday is our last match and we will win. Yes, Will, we will win!

Softball starts in 2 weeks. I believe we have put together our best team ever. I'm looking forward to a good time this season.

I saw a couple of really good high school friends last week. We had a really nice time catching up. They are not only high school friends but they are good friends. I'm proud of both of them for all they've accomplished.

I also was able to catch up with some friends for dinner this past week. It was great to catch up and play some trivia.

Ethan is going through his terrible 2's. On the bright side, he has shown me what a good baby Avery was. Ethan is a nut but we love him and his speech continues to improve from his stroke at birth. He is truly a miracle.

We are in the midst of looking at schools for Avery. There are so many good schools out there so it's tough to decide. We have narrowed it down to a few choices. I never knew how competitive these schools were and how the assessment process works. I don't think I could get into some of these!

Avery will be at Disney with my in-laws next week and Ethan will have a few sleepovers with our nanny and while I'll miss them both very much, I look forward to getting some much deserved alone time with Andrea.

I have gotten three new speeches for the month of March so far. I'm looking forward to spreading my message of hope and determination. I also had a speech last night at Raw Love which my sister did an amazing job putting together. Thanks to Raw Denim and East Andrews for putting on a terrific event and thanks to all of the models who did a terrific job at the fashion show. Emily, please pass my blog information and contact information on to them. I love you and am proud of you! I met several new contacts including Falcons QB John Parker Wilson and also ran into an old high school friend there. Andrea and I had a terrific time.

A friend of mine started her own cupcake business. We tried them out for Avery's birthday dinner and they were amazing. Let me know if you want her information. I highly recommend her.

Don't forget to check out Emily's store in Buckhead called Raw Denim. It's a cool little boutique with some cool clothes. I'm not a fashion guru (duh!) but Emily has dressed me better of late. Try out her store. You can find Raw Denim on Facebook.

Some of you have asked how I'm dealing with the loss of Rusty. It's been about three months. I'm doing better. There are still times that I miss hearing his voice or his self-deprecating humor, but I realize that he will always be in my heart. When this trial is over, I want to focus on naming something at Wish for Wendy after him much like we did in Dr. Wolfenden's memory last year. I got to spend some quality time with Rusty's Andrea last night. She looks amazing and is doing well. My Andrea and I are both really proud of her.

That's about it for now. I hope that everyone has a good weekend. Live your dreams and love your life.


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