Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waiting for test results and my weekend

Let me start out by sharing some great news. We got a good medical report on the person very close to me. I’m really happy about that. I’m actually in tears over it as we speak.

Speaking of good medical reports, I hate waiting for tests. I think the toughest part of having any type of disease is knowing that any test can reveal something really negative and it’s hard not to think that way. Andrea and I are both familiar with this scenario. If I think positive prior to getting the results and it turns out negative, I’ll be in shambles. When I found I had pseudomonas (the life-threatening cystic fibrosis bacteria) recently, I was okay. I was okay because I told myself with all of the coughing I was doing and the lack of energy I had, that was probably going to be the outcome. Luckily my last culture has shown that the antibiotics were successful and it is gone and I can get healthy again. I believe my therapist has been instrumental in me getting better as well. That’s right. I have a therapist. In fact, I have more than one. I used to think that having a therapist meant that a person has problems. Truth be told, it means that a person is ready to face his problems. In other words, it’s a positive thing and it can only help me and my family.

Speaking of health, I went out and ran 1.2 miles in 100 degree weather yesterday. Even worse, I did it in the middle of the day and ran uphill for half the run. I’m trying to get used to the elements as I prepare for the Peachtree which is only 2 weeks away. This will be my 14th consecutive Peachtree. Doctors didn’t think I’d live 14 years much less run a 10k that many times. It’s an awesome feeling.

Last night, we won our 10th consecutive regular season softball game, a new record for this team. Actually we broke the record quite a while ago. We’re pretty good. I drove in a run in my only at-bat with a long single and caught a line drive in the outfield. We trailed 6-0 but ended up winning handily.

Andrea and I went on a great date on Saturday night. We went to a place called Indigo in Roswell and even saw some friends there. The food was great and we ate outside. We even met a new couple there and got their contact information as they had a kid about a year younger than Ethan. Then Andrea and I took a romantic walk down old Roswell and saw many of the new hip restaurants that have quietly become fan favorites. Apparently Roswell is the 30 to 40 something version of the Highlands. It was really relaxing and it was a much needed break from the little ones.

I took Avery on a father-daughter day on Saturday. We had so much fun. We went to Einstein’s for lunch and then Target. Then we went to the pool. I wasn’t a very good father Avery’s first couple of years as far as getting to know my daughter and that really upsets me. Just having Avery (and Ethan for that matter) was a true miracle as I could not have children in the normal sense. Andrea and I had to go through in vitro fertilization which is both a physical and emotional nightmare. The last year or so I’ve been really focusing on giving her the daddy she deserves and it’s been really worthwhile for me too. She was my first true Father’s Day present. Every day forward she will know how much that present meant to me. Anytime my kids run up to me and tell me they love me, it’s the best present a father can have. It makes me emotional even now. I have two wonderful little presents.

Thursday night was pretty funny. Our flat screen TV in our bedroom stopped working. Andrea and I thought we could get through one night at least just talking. Five minutes later I lifted the 70 pound television from the guest room to our room and put it in front of the flat screen. Is it a bit sad? Sure, but we got to watch SVU and Criminal Intent so I think it was a successful night overall. Everyone relax, we got a new flat screen on Saturday thanks to the assistance of one Jonathan Ganz. Jonathan, thanks for taking our call and easing our minds.

Father’s Day was alright. My dad hurt his back so I went over to help and my mom and I had a really good talk. It’s been too long since we have had a nice talk. Mom and I are alike in many ways. We are very sensitive and we tend to worry about everyone else but ourselves.

Dad loved my father’s day card. This year is the first time I realized how lucky I am to have a wonderful father. He is always supportive of me and he always wants the best for me. Until recently, I’ve realized that every father is not like that. Seeing my father lying down in pain reminded me also how lucky I am to still have my father. I know a lot of my close friends have lost their dads. I am going to try to appreciate him more. I took my job at DiversiTech because we didn’t get a lot of time when I was a kid. Now that he’s semi-retired, I think I should appreciate him more than just the close proximity sense.

Next, Andrea, the kids and I went to the Braves game where we battled 95 degree heat and humidity and got through 3 innings before the kids had had enough. I was glad to see that our pitcher Kenshin Kawakami left early as well.

Ethan continues to be a daddy’s boy. I pretend to be annoyed by it but I really love it. It’s nice that he loves me so much that he constantly wants me to hold him and feed him Marshmallows and Gummy Bears and Twizzlers and play with toys…and I don’t even spoil him. Ha Ha! I wish I’d been more like this with Avery but I’ve also learned that the past teaches us what we want from the future. I want to be a great dad to both of them and a great husband to Andrea.

Well, I’ve rambled enough. I hope everyone is well. Keep fighting the good fight. To the day when CF stands for Cure Found, but for now it will have to stand for Can Fight!


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