Friday, November 1, 2013

Health improvement, Wish for Wendy and Moving In

I can officially say I'm on the mend. For the last 2 months, I have been having pulmonary issues thanks to a couple of bacteria in my lungs. Around the time I received the bad news at my early October doctor's appointment, I hired a personal trainer. Lori has been absolutely tearing me apart but I love it.

Some people think you get a personal trainer because you have not been working out and are in bad physical shape. That's not always the case. I'm not in bad shape and I work out 6 days a week but still I needed someone to push me and teach me some new stuff that could help my lungs. I equate working out with a personal trainer to going underwater and telling yourself you need to stay under for 30 seconds. At 30 seconds, you come up when you have no one to push you. A personal trainer is that person who says to stay under for 60 seconds. You don't think you can do it but you end up doing it and you feel great because of it even though you're out of breath at the time you do it.

I'm now jumping rope once and sometimes twice a day 50 to 75 times each. If you remember, the first time I worked out with my personal trainer I was winded just trying to get up to 50. I'm doing abs every other morning. I run for 5 minutes and 30 seconds every morning on the treadmill. I am working out with weights six days a week. I'm going to my trainer twice a week. I'm still playing softball every Monday.

I had my recent doctor's appointment this past Monday and got encouraging news. My lung function was up 5% and therefore I can take a break from antibiotics. That doesn't mean I can be satisfied. I'm still not at my baseline but I'm halfway there. I will continue to train with Lori and get stronger both physically and mentally. Thank you to everyone who asked how I was doing.

Wish for Wendy exhausted me but I was thrilled to see how successful it was. We raised over $315K and our 14 year total is now over $1.9 million. The teams had the best fundraising average in our history so I was proud of all of them for that feat. I am grateful to all of the volunteers, sponsors, donors, committee members, umpires and teams who participated.

Pete Bok's (pictured on the right) team, General Paton's Third Army, won the fundraising title for the third consecutive year! Great job Pete!

This is my team captained by Ira Graiser (Ira is on the far left with the Georgia cap). The Wish for Wendy Warriors finished second in fundraising. Great job guys!

Ethan doesn't realize how fortunate he is to have this camera op...but I do! Thank you Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders for coming to Wish for Wendy again!

And a picture with Braves pitcher Brandon Beachy, me and Andrea. This kid is the man. Avery was leading her troop of second graders during pictures. Ah, to be 7 and cool again.

I was on Business Radio X on Tuesday talking about the Inspirator Award I received last month. I am still shocked that I won but I am very grateful for the Turknetts for giving me the opportunity to be around such amazing leaders in business and non-profit.

I'm proud to be mentioned with this great class of leaders.

I wanted to send a congratulations to my sister Emily on a successful first season of The New Atlanta. Em was a real fan favorite. I'm very proud of her. Now if we can just get "Jewnicorn" branded.

I wanted to congratulate Andrea on her tennis team making the playoffs. I remember when I was the tennis player in the family. Now I believe I'd finish second. Congrats to Ethan on finishing his soccer and baseball seasons. Basketball is right around the corner. Avery continues her NINE hours of gymnastics each week. I don't know how she does it. Personally I don't know how our floor can take all of the back handsprings when she gets home. We are finally all moved in though we are still going through boxes. We can't wait to have people over at the new house later in the year.

I hope that everyone had a great and safe Halloween.

I'm wish everyone health and happiness.


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