Friday, June 10, 2011

The doctor, TOBI and much more...

Good morning. I hope everyone is prepared for a wonderful weekend. In Atlanta, I believe it's supposed to be a high of 150 degrees with a 0 wind chill and 100% humidity. At least, that's how it feels lately. The hot weather affects my CF. I feel like my breathing is off.

I went to the doctor last Friday and got some good news when I was actually expecting bad news. My numbers were up by a point. I thought they'd be way down due to the heat. Then I had a chest X-ray, a bone density scan that checks for osteoperosis and a sputum culture. The thing about a doctor's appointment is that it doesn't end the moment I walk out of the hospital. I still have to helplessly wait for the results for all of my tests.

Rusty's case is still in the news more than 6 months later. It's hard to see his picture come up even now but I know that he is up in the sky watching everything going on here.

Avery is doing great, loving camp and growing up into a little lady. Ethan is doing great, loving his big boy bed and growing into a little devil. Magic (picture attached) did not have good news this week. She was attacked by another lab mix at doggy day care and I had to take her to the vet and give her antibiotics twice a day. She has a cut above her eye and under her chin. I'm going to call her "Mike Tyson" for a while. Don't worry. She's going to be okay.

I've been doing pretty well. I started TOBI earlier in the week so that means an additional hour and a half per day of treatments. It's a little bit frustrating but I've been trying to do it earlier in the morning and earlier at night so it doesn't affect my sleep too much. It's funny that waking up at 6:00 AM for me means that I slept in.

I'm still working on my book, gathering contacts and putting together strategies on how to make it the most successful. I really want this book to help people who not only go through cystic fibrosis but also go through the emotional issues that anyone with a terminal illness has to go through.

My reunion is in a few more weeks and I'm noticing that a lot of people aren't going. I'm going to go though. If nothing else, the food should be good.

We are starting to work on Wish for Wendy now too. If anyone has any interest in being part of our committee, please let me know. The event is Saturday November 5th at Alpharetta's North Park. We are planning our first meeting for later this month.



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