Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another funeral, Day 1 of Tobi and Remembering Rusty

It's been a while since my last post so let me tell you what's been going on. The attached photo is the poster I have in my workout room by the way. It's a collage I created for inspiration back when I lived with Ross in old Dunwoody Courtyards. I have my first 2 Peachtree numbers on there as well as a childhood picture of me with my dog Howard, my best friend from my youth. I also have several motivational phrases included on the poster.

Most of last week, I was up at 5:30am and had very solid workouts.

I started TOBI this past Monday morning and will be on it for the next 28 days.

Last weekend was absolutely exhausting. On Friday, we went to a funeral for my cousin Laura's father. Laura is my cousin out of marriage so I was not related to her father. David was a good man who endured a lot of health issues yet he lived long enough to see his two beautiful grandchildren. My heart and condolences go out to the Funk family especially my cousins Jonathan and his wife Laura. The funeral took place at the same cemetery that Rusty was buried. I could do without a funeral for a while.

Last Saturday, we went to a kids' birthday party in Smyrna. I was put in charge of videotaping the cake ceremony which was difficult after I found out that typically that was Rusty's job. Rusty filmed Ethan's last birthday too. We sat Shiva that night in Sandy Springs for Laura's dad (Sitting Shiva is the Jewish tradition for the week following the burial where family and friends get together to mourn), and finally we had dinner with our good friends Ross and Summer. I promised Ross I would not watch the Falcons game during dinner but I did keep an eye on the score from my phone. Let's just say I went straight home and deleted it from our TIVO. The Falcons got blown out by the Packers and were eliminated from the playoffs. The miserable luck of Atlanta sports teams continues. ONE Championship between four teams in approximately 45 years!!! We are the Cleveland of the South.

Last Sunday, we had brunch with my aunts and a few others in Dunwoody. After that, we visited our cousins Laura and Jonathan, their kids and several members of the Funk and Zucker families to get the little cousins together. Following the visit, we went home to meet the babysitter and then joined our friends Tammi and Steve as they invited us to the Georgia Tech/North Carolina basketball game. We had a great time.

I find myself very angry lately and I'm having difficulty sleeping. I am having nightmares thinking about the fact that I could have been in the Dunwoody Prep parking lot and stop this guy. I guess the tragedy in Tucson and how the gunman was disarmed after his initial round makes me wish I could have done the same for my friend. I know there is no way I could have known about this guy and where Rusty was going to be, but there is a part of me who wishes I could have just coincidentally been there. He and I had talked earlier that week about getting lunch. I wish I'd agreed to that Wednesday (the day before the shooting) and I could have done something to change his schedule the following day plus I would have gotten one more lunch with my friend. Rusty deserved to see his son play little league and his daughter go to prom. I'm still having trouble getting a grip on his death...I'm not alone.

At the funeral on Friday for Laura's father, I thought how sad it was that everyone was slowly getting older. I remember when I was the kid amongst the group and everyone else was in their forties and fifties. Now everyone is in their seventies and eighties. Relatives who used to walk over and hug me now struggle just to walk. Brunettes and Blondes are now gray. It reminds me that I better do all I want now before I am not strong enough to do the things I once wanted to do.

In other sad news, my big fish tank had toxicity issues and I lost four fish and had to clean it three different times in a week. They're all happy now...well, except for the ones I flushed.

I might have some exciting news on my book. I will know in the next week but I'm currently in talks with a potential publisher. I also have been working with my friend Traci on a business card for the foundation. I'm pretty excited about it. My sister has put together a cool fashion show for Wish for Wendy in February. More details to come. Monday the Australian Open started so expect Andrea and I to be in Melbourne every morning at about 5am for the next two weeks. I actually begin in Orlando since I do my therapy while the kids watch Disney in the basement but then I travel upstairs to a crazy crowd in the land down under. Speaking of tennis, I will be playing T2 this season with my friend Will. I haven't picked up a racket in 2 years so it could be ugly.

This past Saturday was awesome. The kids spent the night at my parents' house on Friday night and Andrea and I got a night out at The W Hotel in Buckhead and a dinner at the Capital Grille. We had a terrific time. Thanks Mom and Dad.

On Sunday, we were at the synagogue for a memorial for Rusty. Several people including myself said a few words and then Rusty's Andrea spoke. She did a beautiful job expressing her love for Rusty. Finally, we were greeted by a slideshow detailing Rusty and Andrea's life together. I was moved to tears watching it. It was the first time I really broke down since Rusty's death. I miss him very much. A day doesn't go by without me thinking about him.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Enjoy each day.

Best Wishes,


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